In the next Audi S8, I installed a Porsche Panamera turbo engine - so I tried comparing the two.

Porsche New Panamera Turbo
Porsche Panamera
S8 with Panamera turbo engine.

According to German automobile media "Auto Bild" and "autoevolution"The same engine (4.0 liter V8 twin turbo) as the Porsche Panamera turbo is mounted on Audi's next type "S8" and it will also appear within the yearThat's it. Because Audi and Porsche are the same Volkswagen Group, well Well naturalism is it right? It seems that the maximum output is set to about 530 ps, ​​which is lower than 550 ps of Panamera Turbo, but it seems to be more powerful than the current S 8 engine.

Source:Audi's next-generation "S8" comes with the same engine as the Porsche "Panamera Turbo" and will be in the year

I compared the S8 with the Panamera turbo.

So what is the current S8 of Audi? I compared it with Panamera Turbo.

S8plus Panamera Turbo
8-step Tiptronic AT  PDK
0 - 100 km/ h 3.8 seconds  3.6 seconds(Sports Chrono wearing)
full length(Mm) 5,145  5,049
Full width(Mm) 1,950  1,937
Total height(Mm) 1,455  1,427
Vehicle weight(kg) 2,110  2,070
Total displacement(Cc) 3,992  3,996
engine V type 8 cylinder DOHC 32 valve turbo  V type 8 cylinder twin turbo
Maximum output(Ps) 605  550
Maximum torque(Ps) 750  770
 price 20,280,000  23,770,000

The numbers are very similar. By the way, in S8plus,

Matrix LED head light, sports exhaust, 21 inch genuine wheel, seat heater, seat ventilation, BOSE speaker(This is Panamera Turbo as standard equipment as well), Auto closing door, floor mat, rear sports differential, adaptive cruise control, active lane assist, park assist, Audi drive select(Auto, Comfort, Dynamic, Individual)

There are standard equipment. On the other hand, in the case of Panamera Turbo, almost all of the above equipments are optional,In the case of our Panamera turbo, more than 3 million yen as an additional optionIt took. Having said that, I think S8 is quite profitable.

The crux is its running.

However, when I was on the A3 (2.0 T) before, although it was powerful enough and it was a good car, I often felt that driving was fun, driving was smooth, it was not so. There is a feeling of somewhat spinning, and even on highways it exceeds 120 km(Do not put that speed in the first place ...)There was a scary thing with a slight rolling feeling. Therefore,Just because Panamera turbo equipped with the same engine, if we can realize ground contact feeling, high speed stability, handling etc. similar to Panamera, it may not be sounknown.

My husband's view.

I asked my husband about this news,

Well, for the S8 owner it is a Porsche engine and so on, the satisfaction level is high. There are rumors that V6 of 4S also appears in S6 and so on. But since other makers can not imitate only that riding taste and exercise performance, even if you give me about another engine, you can do it (¯ ー ¯) w

And that.No, I do not say anything in any position ... (- _ -) haha

Nonetheless, if you actually release it, you definitely want to try it!

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