I started the facebook page - Porsche came to our house

Living with Porsche
I did not do SNS because I am not good.

"I started the faecbook page."
... I thought that it seemed like I started cold chinese Chinese ... I started facebook page. Actually, I am not good at SNS relations, I do not update my personal facebook too much, I am not very interested in surrounding postings, Instagram is also not interesting at all, twitter is long as "I do not know the fun" I left it.

However, since this blog began to start twitter as a trigger"Is that twitter a fun surprise ...?"And these days I began to notice the fun gradually.

About the fun of twitter.

However, as anonymous(At Mina)Although it may be a part because it carries out car lovers to the whole face, the twitter fun that I feel is largely two.

1) It is interesting that everyone's real intention is seen.

Facebooks and real blogs that publish real names are often hard to write real intention. Because many people with interests are watching, it will be a perfect post.On the other hand, since twitter has many anonymity, it can be said that it is difficult to say usually, so it seems that it is contributed to the essence.Even though it is a loose tweet, "I see! So it's interesting just to watch posts.

For example, regarding Panamera,

It's similar in name and Panamera seems like Primera

Black Panamera looks like a hearse

Or ... I see! I laughed without thinking (lol)

2) Can surpass your community easily

Twitter can surpass your community easily.It is amazing to connect easily with people who do not know absolutely if they are living normally.I do not know anyone else but pushing "nice", RT, commenting ... I am only in Japanese, but if it is in English it will be connected with people all over the world.

No, no, twitter is amazing.(Are you alright?)

By the way my twitter is here. Feel free to follow us ... m (_ _) m

SNS is funny! !

In such a situation, I noticed the interest of twitter, I started working Instagram(The beauty of the picture is the life after all),

With that trend,"Make a facebook page, too!"So, we opened the day before yesterday. Although I update it immediately, I think that it is good to make good use of the characteristics and goodness of each SNS.


· Twitter → RT of Porsche relation and tweetless tweets
· Instagram → Pictures of Porsche taken with SLR
· Facebook page → update blog post

I think that will be the feeling that, if you do not mindI like to the facebook page below! I am very very glad if you can press it (laugh)Continue to thank you.
facebook page: Porsche came to our house


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