How much did it cost to change the oil of the Porsche 911 GT3 at the dealer?

Porsche 911 GT 3

GT3, mileage over 10,000 km

The 911 GT3 delivered in May last year.In a year and a half, the mileage has already exceeded 10,000 kilometers (currently 10605 kilometers).. My husband often goes touring with other cars, but I still think that GT3 exceeds 10,000 km, I really like to drive a car.

And recently my husband said this about GT3.

The feel of the GT3 steering has changed a little.I used to feel that the leather was more grainy, but recently I feel that the leather has become a little less grainy. As the mileage of a car increases, the interior of the car will become worn out, but I feel that the steering wheel shows that.


Porsche 911 GT3 steering

Also, it seems that the plated part of the shift knob is about to come off a little, and it seems that it was seen at the time of this oil change, and it seems that the parts were replaced within the warranty. After all, if you run this much, there will be some parts that you are interested in.

And the other day, my husbandGo long-distance touring with GT3(I will write an article about the situation later), and soon after thatRun the Suzuka Circuit with GT3I had a plan, so I had to ask the dealer to change the oil before that.

Porsche Dealer

Recently, my husband has been doing oil changes and vehicle inspections for my car.

If I thought that I changed the oil of the 911 Cabriolet (992 type) the other day, this time it is the oil change of GT3 ... It really costs money for the car (Porsche) ...

I was muttering tossedly w Next time, let's calculate the maintenance costs of the cars in my house ...

Porsche 911 GT3 oil change costs

The oil change of GT3 itself seems to be completed in about an hour, and the cost was

・ Engine oil change (6.4L)
・ Total (including wages): 32067 yen (tax included)

was. After all, I thought again that the amount of money is completely different from the BMW 320i I had before. (Is that so?) GT3 is still a year and a half, so there is no particular need to replace it due to looseness or wear of parts.After 5 years, I wonder if it will cost a lot to check.It would be great if it was a PCCB exchange ...

No, cars are expensive.

By the way, I wrote an article about the contents and costs of the 12-month legal periodic inspection, so please have a look.

One year inspection at Porsche 911 GT3 dealer | What is the cost? PCCB decrease?



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  1. 991-2 GT3 MT

    Congratulations on reaching 10,000 kilometers. If you take good care of the steering wheel for a long time, you may love it with wrinkles on your face. but
    In my case, it's Alcantara, not leather, so I thought it might taste like leather, so I always wear full-finger gloves when driving. I've bought a lot until now, but recently I've been using CACAZAN's. At first I was worried about the thickness, but now I'm used to it and I don't care. I think it's made well.

    • MinaMina

      991-2 GT3 MT
      Thank you!
      The steering is Alcantara, isn't it? It's fashionable!

      > Recently, I have been using CACAZAN's products.
      Oh yeah, my husband also had CACAZAN's and I was recommended (I didn't buy it)
      It's so good, I'll take a look at the CACAZAN site once.
      Thank you.

  2. Kei

    Hello, also crowned by a comment ^ - ^
    It is often said that GT3 has a high maintenance cost, but do you know how it is actually higher than Carrera? ??
    After all, the cost of deteriorated parts, the frequency of oil changes, etc. are more expensive than Carrera, isn't it? ??

    • MinaMina

      Thank you ^^
      When I asked my husband about the maintenance cost of GT3,
      "I don't feel that it's so expensive compared to Carrera so far. Well, if I run a lot on the circuit,
      I don't think I can change the oil frequently, for example, I have a PCCB, so I think the cost of parts will be high when it comes to changing. "
      It said.
      My husband rides GT3 on various roads like other Porsche, but it seems that the maintenance cost is not particularly high.
      Oh, but he said that fuel economy is bad ^^;

  3. 991GT3 Touring Package with almost the same specifications

    I am always happy to see you. The car was delivered at about the same time as my husband, but I also ran 13000km. I enjoy driving, although I have few working days due to the corona virus. I want to run Ashi someday.

    • MinaMina

      991GT3 Touring Package with almost the same specifications

      Thank you for always seeing the blog!
      Oh 13000km! You are running! !!
      Well, it seems that it will be difficult to come and go freely in Corona again, but I hope that the day will come when you can calm down and ride slowly.
      Please come to Ashi someday ^^
      I would be happy if you could take pictures side by side!