Meeting in Japan with Porsche 911 GT3

Porsche Boxster Spider

Touring with wata who rides Boxster

My husband has always called me a "master",Famous for the Porsche Boxster (formerly BMW Alpina) blogwata.The 981 Boxster, which was purchased with a new car, has already exceeded 160,000 kilometers and is an amazing person who has traveled many times all over Japan.

My husband,

I also like driving a car and touring, but I can't beat Wata-san. It's really amazing. Hopefully I'll meet you someday and run with you.

I always said that, but this time, a common acquaintance invited me to touring wata and others, and my husband's wish came true. And in advance "What car are you going to use this time?As I asked,

There is only GT3 in the sky! If you want to run with that wata-san, you have to come to GT3!

I was preparing with extraordinary enthusiasm (laughs)

This time,1 night 2 days touring around Mt. Ontake that straddles Nagano and Gifu prefectures with 9 carsBecause it was, I had my husband who came home write a report. Please take a look if you like.

Head north on the Porsche 911 GT3

Recently, I've been riding only 992 to finish the break-in early, so it's been a while since I've been riding GT3. Moreover, this long-distance touring may be the first time.

Porsche 911 GT3 Touring Package

The destination of the Japan Domannaka Meeting is Nigorigo Ontake on Mt. Ontake.Yumotokan". hereTouring where each member of Kanto and Kansai meetSo, it seems that it has been held several times in the past.

this time,I depart from the day before and head after walking around Fukui-Kanazawa-ToyamaIt was to be. First, take the Maizuru car and head toward Fukui. after a long timeGT3 to taste on the highway is still exceptionalIt is. The 992 is also really nice and comfortable at high speeds, but I think the GT3 adds a sense of stability to it.

Especially, it is remarkable in high-speed corners, and it bends like a crawl without any deviation. The lateral G is beautifully applied to the body, and I don't feel that G is running away at all. It feels like it bends without any deviation. this isIt's hard to taste with the regular model of 911I think.

In terms of high speed "stability", GT3 is definitely 5 stars. Compared to that, 992 is about 4.5 stars. On the other hand, in the sense of high speed "comfort", it is reversed. I think the 992 is less speedy and more comfortable.

So,If you want to run a long distance without getting tired, I think it is 992, and if you want to run while feeling the overwhelming high performance suspension and power, GT3It will be like that.

Porsche 911 GT3 Touring Package

Porsche 911 GT3 Touring Package

First, aim for Fukui's Angel Line and take a photo at the parking lot on the mountain. The road is not so good here, but the mountaintop is a rare spot where you can take a picture of your car with the sea in the background without the guardrails being reflected.

Next, head north on Route 162 and enjoy the finest winding along the Sea of Japan.The shift of GT3 is fixed between 2nd and 3rd gear.Shift up by holding down the accelerator, and shift down by auto blipping in SPORT mode.

"Bashun !, Bashun!" Echoes the engine sound and gets drunk with the transcendental handling of GT3.Only this handling can be experienced only with GT3I think it's a thing.

Coastline running in Porsche

after that,To Chirihama Nagisa Driveway via Hokuriku Expressway.Bring GT3 to the sandy beach and run it on the sandy beach. I think there aren't many people who have come here in GT3 until now.

Drive the Chirihama Nagisa Driveway with the Porsche 911 GT3!

We stayed overnight in Toyama City, and the next day we finally joined wata-san.

Next page → Porsche, RUF, BMW Albina, AUDI to the masterpiece touring!

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  1. M

    I always see you happily.
    Thank you for playing with your husband the other day.
    Even with the same GT3, the 911 GT3 was well organized and very cool.
    We look forward to working with you on this occasion.

    • MinaMina

      Mr. M
      Thank you for always seeing the blog!

      > Thank you for playing with your husband the other day.
      Oh! Thank you very much for your husband's help.
      He said it was a lot of fun, and I was very impressed with everyone's driving and road selection.
      Thank you for your continued support.

  2. Nak

    Hello Mina,

    My husband seemed to have fun, and above all.

    In the photo, the captions of B3 3.3 and B3 GT3 are different (^^;

    This B3 3.3 is a car that has a slightly lower vehicle height by exchanging the undercarriage, which is said to be an act (?) In Alpina, with an external product, so I think that it is a car that is swinging more than a normal B3. ..

    GT3 has a small amount of oil.
    Our GT4 needs as much oil as the 911, so a dealer probably costs the same (> _ <)
    I have various tools, so I plan to replace them myself.

    • MinaMina

      Thank you very much.
      Thank you for pointing out Albina, we have changed it!

      GT4 has more oil, isn't it expensive to change oil at the dealer?
      You also have your own tools, which is amazing!

  3. wata

    Hello Mina,

    This time, I left early on the second day, so I could run with him only a little, but Hiro-san was still very friendly and enjoyable.
    Please say thank you very much.
    We would like you to take on the challenge of the canceled Mt. Ontake Hill Climb, so please come with two people and two cars, and Mina will also run Boxster GTS with Hiro!
    I love driving cars, but I'm not a human being called a "master" at all, I'm not good at driving, and I can't drive fast.
    By meeting Hiro-san this time, I hope you understand that I am just a tired middle-aged office worker, so please be aware of that (Fushi).

    • MinaMina

      Thank you for your kindness.
      My husband said that he could not stay even if wata was in the middle or stood up and went to grand touring.
      I was praised very much, "As expected! As expected !!", so it seems that wata's mastery level has further increased among her husbands with this touring (laugh)

      I definitely want to run Mt. Ontake ...!
      I managed to operate the MT, but when I go, I'm sure it will be heavy rain and heavy fog ... so I'd like to correct it from my daily routine (laughs)!
      I look forward to seeing wata's blog in the future, thank you for your continued support ^^

  4. yone0531

    Mina Good evening.

    We would like to thank our husband for responding to our request. Thank you very much.
    No, it conveys a fun atmosphere.
    Mr. wata is naturally humble, but everyone is fast and good at it. Well, if you look at the car
    Of course, of course ...
    I think that I will continue to read fun blogs.

    • MinaMina

      Thank you very much!
      And thank you for reading the touring article.

      As you said, my husband said, "Everyone was fast and amazing!"
      We will continue to update the blog at our own pace.
      Thank you for your continued support ^^

  5. suite-spiral

    Nice to meet you, Mina.

    I've been with Hiro for two days.

    When I met him in advance at Ashi, I heard that he was planning to participate in the touring package, so I also chose the coupe body.

    It seems that you enjoyed it. Please tell us that we will do our best together in open sports or 964 this time.

    I will contact you when I go on an expedition to that area, so please make use of the experience of delivering two cars a day and Mina also rush with two people by MT (laugh)
    The phrase "change boxster switch on!" Connects (laughs)

    • MinaMina

      Nice to meet you, thank you very much for your husband's help the other day.
      He told me that it was a lot of fun, and I'm glad you invited me ^^

      > Please tell us that we will do our best together in open sports or 964 this time.
      Yes! I'll let them know!
      And when I come here, I will also rush with Boxster (laugh)!
      Thank you for your continued support!

  6. Shima

    Nice to meet you. It is Shima that appears occasionally in wata's blog. This time, Hiro's participation made the touring even more enjoyable. I will also change the box, and I would like to enjoy a new road music as a beginner of Mr. P from this touring. Please tell us about the Ascension Highway. Lol

    • MinaMina

      Nice to meet you, I have seen Shima's name many times on wata's blog!
      Thank you very much for participating in the touring this time.
      What's more, it's too cool to appear in Boxster Spider on the day ...!
      I hope that you will continue to get along with us this time. We look forward to working with you in the future.

  7. mtm

    Nice to meet you, Mina!
    This year my friend introduced me to my husband.
    I am riding the same 981 GTS 6MT.
    I also own Alpina B3, and I have been associated with wata for 10 years.
    I happened to find out on Mina's blog that her husband was very longing for Wata, so I invited her this time.
    I'm really happy to have you pleased.
    I look forward to working with you next year!
    It was a lot of fun.
    I'm in Osaka, so I'd be happy if I could meet you someday.

    • MinaMina

      Thank you for your continued support of my husband.
      I have heard from my husband about mtm, and thank you very much for inviting me to touring with wata.
      My husband's dream for many years came true (laughs), and I was really happy.
      We look forward to working with you next year.

      I wonder if I can go to Ashi from next spring, so
      We look forward to seeing you!