When I got on the refreshed Porsche 911 (air-cooled 964 type), it looked like a new car

Air-cooled Porsche 964
Air-cooled Porsche

Air-cooled Porsche 911 (964)

It's early, and it's been two years since the car was delivered. "Thanks to the frequent maintenance over the last two years, I'm in pretty good shape! Maybe it's getting closer to the feeling of a new car at that timeMy husband often said, but I couldn't get on at all because I was fluttering at childbirth and there was a time when I left 964 in a parking lot far from my home.

Replace all undercarriage of Porsche 911 (air-cooled 964 type) with genuine parts!

Preventive maintenance of air-cooled Porsche 911 (964)-Desby belt, blower motor, etc. replaced.

And this month, when 964 returned after the vehicle inspection, my husband ...

What if I got on after a long time? It's really getting better.

So I decided to ride it for the first time in half a year. (I would like to write an article about the contents of the vehicle inspection later)

When I opened the door of 964 for the first time in a long time, it was likeI thought again that the feeling of a sturdy iron lump like a safe was amazing.. And the unique scent that comes out when you bend down and enter the car, the soft leather seats with a texture different from modern Porsche, the analog 5-series meter, you can feel 964 with all five senses, somehow time at that time I felt comfortable and nostalgic as if I had slipped.

Interior of air-cooled Porsche 911 (964)

When you start the engine,A simple and mechanical engine sound that is different from the water-cooled Porsche that you usually rideEchoes. Even when idling, the sound that makes you think that the engine is working can be heard directly from the car.

After checking the seat position, I put the gear in D, released the parking brake and released the brake, and the 964 started to move slowly. "Sure, when riding this with MT,I feel like you don't have to push the accelerator when you start.At first, try to warm up and run slowly and carefully.

Interior of air-cooled Porsche 911 (964)

Recently, I usually ride in a light power steering car, so the steering of the 964 feels very heavy. Every time you turn an intersection, you have to be conscious of moving and returning. However, after running for a few minutes, I get used to the weight of this steering wheel, and it is rather strange that the feeling of driving by myself becomes more enjoyable.

The brake has a short stroke and is heavy.When I first got on the 964,You can't step on it with your usual strength!I was surprised at the weight of the brake, but it was also strange, and when I got used to it a little, "This is easier to make fine adjustments, and it's fun to feel that the brakes are applied when you step on it.Came to think.

It's like a new car, Porsche 911 (964)

Refreshed 964It's so light that you can't think of a car made 30 years ago.was. The engine is fine and the reaction is very good. Is it something like "I thought he was an old man, but he was actually a grandfather who was muscular, had excellent motor nerves, and had much higher physical abilities than the young man?" (The analogy is too bad)

From my husband in advance, "When the engine warms up, try running at 2nd speed fixedI opened the window and ran on Route 2 as it was, and it felt very good. Of course, I think it's fun to drive on a mountain pass or winding road, but it's also fun to drive on a normal road. I feel completely like Magnus Walker (laughs)

And I was surprised that the ride was very comfortable.The feeling of flatness and ground contact is even better.The car is very stable, and although it feels dry, it is smooth and has just the right hardness. "Isn't it better than the original 992 when the car was delivered?I thought. (Although the ride quality of 992 is much better now)

I drove 964 for about 20 minutes on that day, but I thought again that maintenance would change it so much. Always take care of 964BeforthI really appreciate Mr.

Air-cooled Porsche 911 (964)

After returning home, to my husband

It's getting really good! It's amazing! The engine is doing well, the ride is amazing, and it doesn't look like a car 30 years ago. I felt it was more comfortable to ride than the 992 when it was delivered. I think I found out that it was fun and fun!

And my husband said

Soyaro. Well, high-speed stability is better with 992, but it's really better. It has a different charm from the exciting GT3, it's fun without flying, and I want to run anywhere. However, there seems to be room for maintenance, and the ride quality is likely to improve, so I'd like to fix it to the point where I can go.

He said.

My 964 is still running only about 60,000 km, but I'm sure that the taste will come out more and more as I run more and more. I'm looking forward.

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