Will children brought up by car lovers become car lovers?

Consideration of a wife with a car lover's husband

Do children like cars too?

We couple love cars. My wifeI like cars more than the general public”Level,Completely a car nerd for her husbandIt is. Looking at the children of my home raised by such parents,Do your children like cars too?"Occasionally I am asked."

In fact,My father likes cars, so I like cars tooI often hear the story, but what about my home?

... honesty and subtle (laughs)

It's still small, so I don't know how it will fall in the process of growing, but for now,Especially if you do n’t like cars, you do n’t like cars." The other day I asked my eldest daughter, "Would you like to drive a car when XX grows?"

Dislike. I do n’t want to reach my feet and I ’m scared if I hit it.

I was saying(I think that it will be enough when you get a license w). She also took me to a friend's house minivan a while ago, and I was impressed by its size, size, and comfort.I want to ride such a car. Doesn't dad buy such a thing?”Said her husband,

Buy (-_-)

The conversation was over.

On the other hand, when she was one year old, her second daughter sat in the driver's seat and grabbed the steering wheel as soon as she got on the car.

Cars that blend into daily life

However, in their lives,Certainly the existence of the car has taken rootIt is. The other day I asked a store to fix an air-cooled Porsche, but in addition to that, my home often leaves the car for inspection or oil change.

Every time the daughters,

Now, XX is going to have a car doctor fix it

"Fix the car"It seems like you know ..." The other day, they had repaired their Porsche car (laughs)

When the second daughter gets on the toy car,It is quite serious and imitates like driving.I wonder who the person looks like ... w

Also, since I went to see the race on the circuit for a while, and about my husband's driving event,I love the atmosphere of the circuit itself, and I always want to go there again.

As for the eldest daughter, it is in my home.(there were)"BMW" "Mercedes-Benz" "Volkswagen" "Porsche"I can understand the emblems, so when I see those cars, I am glad to say, "That's BMW!" When I was 5 years old, I didn't know the Benz character

In this way, without knowing it, cars are naturally around them like air,Become a car loverI don't think so, but I think there is a high possibility of owning a car in the future and living a life with a car.

Even if you do n’t like cars

However, our coupleForce children to like carsI don't think. Rather than that

“I hope I can feel the parents who live happily through the car.”

I feel strong.

“Adults seem to be unexpectedly fun” “Dad(Mom also w)`` I'm working hard to buy the car I want '', `` It seems that there is something good if I do my best '', because the way I perceive life and work is sensual, I do not mind, so I am positive I hope you will.

And when they grew up and realized the value of Porsche,

Wait, Porsche is pretty expensive. Dad, you're crazy!

I think the day will come, but w(I also want to buy 1st Porsche at that time), "Porsche can be reached if you do your best"If you have a parent, you can go that farI hope that you will grow straight without making a wall in your life.

Nonetheless, I'm fighting every day, or saying "poop!"It ’s subtle to grow so good (-_-)I think that's what I'm thinking as a parent today.

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  1. To be sunny

    I'm a gifted teacher with 4 Porsche at home.
    It ’s subtle whether it ’s a car nerd.

    My parents used to love cars. There were always 3 BMWs in my house, but it seems that my interest has faded as I got older.
    My brother likes cars more than the general public, but only I grew up in a car geek. I'm despised now

    • MinaMina

      By car
      Your car family also loved cars!
      There are always 3 BMWs at home. I think that BMW in the joyful era of running through was really fun.

      > Brothers love cars more than the general public, but only I grew up in a car geek. I'm despised now
      Contempt (laughs) I used to look at my older car lover's brother with a cold eye, so I'm imagining that it might be like that (laughs)

  2. Ritsu

    If both parents grow up in a car lover's home, the chances of a child becoming a car lover will be great!
    I think Mina and her husband were addicted to “fun to drive”, so even if children experience “fun to drive” with kids carts, they love cars I imagined that I would grow up

    • MinaMina

      Thank you.

      > If children are experiencing “driving fun” with kids carts

      That's true, because I learned the joy of driving by driving,
      I want my children to ride a kids cart, etc. ^^

      I hope I can go with Suzuka Circuit and my family!

  3. Takemaru

    When I was also an elementary school student, I was impressed with global warming and exhaust gas in social studies classes, and I was envied by a eco-friendly minivan at my friend's home, but now I buy Porsche and Fukuoka from Kanto I'm going back home after running
    Staying at Arima Onsen from today, is the long-awaited Ari Driveway debut!
    There are also plenty of times to become a car lover and car lover!

    • MinaMina


      > Now I'm buying a Porsche and running from Kanto to Fukuoka and returning home ww
      The range of change from elementary school to the present is amazing! w

      > I'm staying at Arima Onsen from today and making a debut of Ayu Driveway!
      Oh yeah! It may be an unfortunate weather, but if it doesn't rain, I'm thinking of going to Ayu for the first time in the morning tomorrow!
      Have the weather! Please enjoy Ariyu!

  4. ryupo

    I am always happy to see you ^ ^

    Until I had the opportunity to drive the 981 Boxster S for a day and a half a year ago, I thought it wasn't sane to own a car in Tokyo, car sharing was enough.

    I was shocked by the joy of driving at that time, and now I drive around 991.2 Carrera cabriolet via 981 Boxster S, and the 981 Manual Cayman is coming soon.

    Really, Porsche has the charm (magical power) to overturn values. I don't know what happens in my life!

    • MinaMina

      Thank you for always seeing the blog.

      > Really, Porsche has the charm (magical power) to overturn values. I don't know what happens in my life!
      Oh, I really don't know what happens in life ...!
      991.2 Carrera cabriolet is enviable-it feels so good! ! !

      I'm looking forward to the 981 Cayman delivery ^^