3 Reasons to Choose Porsche's E-Hybrid Model | Cayenne, Hybrid is the best buy if you get lost in Panamera

Porsche Cayenne E-Hybrid
Cayenne E-Hybrid

Porsche E-Hybrid

My Cayenne is a Cayenne E-hybrid model, but "Panamera 4E hybrid that I got on the other dayIt ’s called my Cayenne,The more you ride, the better the Porsche E-Hybrid model. If you buy Cayenne or Panamera in the future, you will definitely buy a hybrid model.I often have a conversation with my husband and wife.

So today, my husband wrote about why Porsche's E-hybrid model is so great. Please take a look.

Porsche Cayenne E-Hybrid

Porsche hybrid is fast

Porsche hybrids are fast.

Looking at the explanation on Porsche's site and catalog, "Circuit-derived hybrid technology"Incorporating the technology of the 919 Hybrid that was fighting at the WEC"it is written like this.

However, when it comes to hybrids, there is an image of an "eco-oriented hybrid car," and I think there is an impression that the accelerator opening does not match the speed and engine speed because there is no sense of power.

I thought that way too, "I don't understand the meaning of buying a hybrid at Porsche. Even though it incorporates the 919 Hybrid technology, it's an "(eco) hybrid" after all.I thought that.

However, since I bought the Cayenne E-Hybrid,That prejudice has disappeared 100%. Porsche feels that hybrids are used for speed and power, not fuel economyIt became so.

In fact, the E-hybrid model is fast. Pretty fast. Even if you look at the data,Yen S has 0-100km / h in 5.2 seconds, while E-Hybrid has 5.0 seconds.That's right. In addition to that, due to the characteristics of the motor, the maximum torque is generated instantly, so I think it feels faster.

In fact, an acquaintance who was riding the Cayenne GTS coupe said, "I tried riding two E-hybrid and GTS, but I think the hybrid is fasterYou said. (I think it's an individual feeling, but the E-hybrid feels so fast)

Also, the overtaking acceleration on the highway is wonderful.If you switch to sports mode and step on the accelerator,The boost meter on the instrument panel jumps up, accelerating the body over 2 tons lightly.

This acceleration power is defeated by the turbo, but it is not an enemy such as sports sedans. It's pretty good. Also, even on general roads, if you are driving on Midosuji in Osaka city, which has a lot of traffic, and you want to get out in front of you safely and change lanes, the response is too wonderful.

When you step on the accelerator, the engine starts without a break, the power of the motor assists, and you can move forward in an instant.Every time I say, "It's a good car," I admire it.

Porsche hybrid is cheap

Porsche's E-Hybrid is cheaper than other models.In terms of Cayenne, it is about 1.27 million yen cheaper than the S, and the sports chrono package is standard equipment. Moreover, when it comes to used cars, hybrids are even cheaper, and they are already unreasonably cheap (laughs).

ProbablyThe high performance of this hybrid is not well understood by the public, so it may not be popular.But I want to say it out loud. "Hybrid is the best buy". No matter what other Porsche riders think, I think your choice of hybrid is correct.

If you are considering purchasing Cayenne or Panamera and have decided on S or Turbo, that's fine, butIf you're wondering what grade to use, I definitely recommend the E-Hybrid.If I buy a Panamera or Cayenne next time, I will definitely choose a hybrid model.

Porsche Cayenne E-Hybrid

Porsche hybrid is comfortable to ride

The biggest feature of the E-Hybrid is the ride quality, or to be exactGood rideThat can be mentioned.

First of all, since it is driven by a motor from the start, it is very smooth from the first roll of the tire. This is not a story of the dimension that "suspension is air suspension, spring suspension"Smoothness that comes from the smoothness of the drive systemYou should think that.

With a comfortable ride, it slides smoothly.This feels the same for both Panamera and Cayenne, and it feels a bit different from the gasoline model.

Also,The motor is also very compatible with transmissions such as PDK and Tiptronic S.The fact that the motor can control the torque instantly may also have a lot to do with it. There is little shift shock, no, it is almost nonexistent, and it provides a high-quality ride.

Moreover, the control when you want to accelerate quickly in the city is also wonderful, and the torque is instantly transmitted to the tires without any discomfort.There is no need to wait for a kickdown jerky or turbo lag.

Porsche Cayenne E-Hybrid

And the biggest factor I think about ride quality isHeavy battery is loaded on the rearThing. This willThe rear has a strong sense of stability, and the movement is very calm.

Especially Cayenne etc. have a high center of gravity with SUV, and if there are no people in the rear seats, the rear may feel a little too light, and it may show a slightly bouncing behavior, but the hybrid model isThe weight of the battery is used well to improve the ride quality,It provides a high-quality ride.

Finally, the battery and motor are about 300 kg heavier, soIt doesn't look like Porsche, isn't it dull even in the corners?I think there are some people who think that.

I used to think so too. But that's not the case at all.

It's fast enough and it does a great cornering without any discomfort.this isPanamera E-Hybrid ArticleI also wrote it in, so please refer to it.

Porsche Panamera 4E Hybrid

Who shouldn't buy an E-Hybrid?

There is nothing wrong with it, but if the following items apply, other grades may be better.

  • Those who emphasize engine sound, especially those who need no engine sound at the time of starting.
  • Those who rarely run short distances and are mainly long-distance runners. (If it is charged, it can move for a short distance with only electricity, but if it is a long distance, it will eventually run out of electricity, so the fuel efficiency is not as good as you can imagine from a hybrid. About 10-12km / L in Cayenne.)
  • Those who do not have a power supply in the garage. (You can run without it, but if you have at least 100V power supply, you can move near by with almost electricity)
  • Those who also run the circuit with Cayenne and Panamera (I think that it is better to be lighter as expected)

… And that's my husband's view.

In addition to the above view, in the case of the E-hybrid, I think it would be good if you only need to charge the battery without using gasoline when you go shopping nearby.It is displayed that my Cayenne can run 28 to 30 km on a full chargeBut(Maximum 44km in catalog value), It's almost okay if you travel about 20km round trip in the city.

The other day, I sent my husband to the vicinity of the company in Cayenne (about 25 km one way), but I tried running in E power mode, which runs only on electricity without using gasoline from beginning to end.

It was warm on that day and the air conditioner was turned off, I was cruising along the flow of the driving lane on the highway, and I was consciously trying to recover electricity on the downhill.On the way back, I ran on the highway and got off the IC, and it was charged.

In this way, the Cayenne E-Hybrid does not usually use gasoline, so it has been about half a year since the car was delivered, and the mileage is about 7,000 km, which is quite a run, but so far I have added gasoline four or five times. It's about.

And now that it is not necessary to fill up the gasoline, I will run with about half of the gasoline, and when it runs out, I will try to fill it up again, but this will not disappear (laugh)

If anyone is considering Cayenne or Panamera,E-Hybrid is highly recommended because it is comfortable to ride, fast, fuel efficient, and very cost effective.It is.


"Porsche came to my house" caretaker, mother of three children. Until a few years ago, I was not interested in cars at all, but when my husband bought a Porsche, I learned how wonderful Porsche is ...


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  1. ds124

    Hello Mina.
    I enjoy listening to the clubhouse on the days when I can participate.

    I also tried the Panamera Turbo SE hybrid before, but that comfort is tearful.
    In my case, I can not own Cayenne or Panamera due to parking problems, but I agree that if I enter the parking lot, I will definitely choose either hybrid.
    By the way, I'm renting a Macan Turbo as a substitute for a spider's vehicle inspection right now, but the operation system is too heavy, it's too sporty, and it's honestly tough for everyday street riding.
    I felt that.
    Moreover, if I step on it, the fuel consumption will be in the 3km / l range (laughs).
    Range Rover Velar and Evoque, which are currently candidates for replacement of ds7, also felt very good, so if you have a chance, please tell us your impressions.

    • MinaMina

      Oh, you're also listening to the clubhouse ...!
      Thank you!

      Macan Turbo is so sporty!
      Because it's a turbo, the power is amazing ...
      And fuel economy ... (laughs)

      I'd like to ride the Range Rover once too ^^
      If I have a chance, I would like to test drive it.

      Continue to thank you!

  2. Messed up


    Hello ^ _ ^

    Our Panamera 4E hybrid has been displayed at 60 kg when fully charged.
    Generally, 48-52 kg near the catalog value of 50 kg is displayed.
    I think that the display distance of this display is judged by the previous results.

    If you just want to run on a flat surface in Osaka city, you can run the distance according to the displayed distance by turning off the air conditioner at the temperature from spring to autumn.
    The cooler has little effect, but if you turn on the air conditioner in the cold season, the electricity cost will be worse.

    The round trip to my parents' house is about 70 km (of which less than 15 km on the highway), but if I drive on the highway to go with the engine in E-hold mode for about 10 km, I can return with electricity alone and 5 to 8 km There are times when there is enough spare capacity.

    In fact, when I made a round trip from Osaka to Nagoya, I ran at 16.6 km per liter and returned with about 20 km of electricity.

    However, in terms of fuel efficiency, the 970Se hybrid (33km fully charged catalog, actually 22-28km) ran nearly 20km liters, and I think it ran 18km on average. (When the tank was full of 85 liters, there was an indication that it could run about 1700 km.)

    I'm riding 21 inches now, but fuel efficiency may change depending on the tire size ^ _ ^

    For the time being, I mentioned only fuel efficiency, but since it has the power of 462PS 700Nm, not only fuel efficiency but also insane driving is good ^ _ ^

    • MinaMina

      Thank you for that section.
      From that point on, my husband said, "That Panamera, I want it, I want it" (laughs)

      The Panamera 4E hybrid runs so much on a full charge!
      it's great…!

      Even so, Porsche's hybrid model is really amazing.
      It's so amazing right now, so I'm really looking forward to seeing how it evolves in the future.

      Please tell me various things again!