Listening to conversations between Porsche's deprived men, how does his wife feel?

Ashi Drive way

Porsche discussion

The other day, the couple went to the observatory on the Ashi Driveway. I went at 10 o'clock, which is quite late, but there are few cars,Unusually 981 was lined up, so I did a tonara without hesitation

On this day, the owner of GT4 that her husband talks well, the owner of Boxster I met earlier, the air-cooled rider who finally met the other day, and the reader who commented on the blog, Everyone seems to have bloomed in the car discussion.

"Is this decal genuine, or did you do it later in the store?"
"Is the new 911 (992) selling now?"
"What is the market price of Porsche recently on the used market?"
"The rear light of the 981 Boxster GTS has a black outline, but you can clearly see that there is no GT4 or Boxster spider."


Like everyone,Information was exchanged eagerly as if it were a dealer's salesperson.… No, even a dealer's salesman may not be collecting information so enthusiastically w

After that, I promised to go for lunch with my husband's acquaintance B, so I left the observation deck and headed for the restaurant.

After arriving at the restaurant and passing through a table, Porsche talks again.How about the 964, how about the 73 Carrera, how about the GT3 in the age of XX ...I almost only listened to it, so I noticed that I changed more than 10 glasses of water.(Really not exaggerated)


Even so,What is Porsche like to attract a large adult so farI thought again.

I'm tired of character, and I'm tempted to try something new quickly, so I've never been hooked on all my life.

Therefore,I've been fascinated by one thing for so longThat is not surprising.

In spite of "What makes Porsche so attractive?My husband also saw Porsche as a child and said that he decided to buy Porsche someday, but what keeps you driving so far ... "

When I asked, my husband's acquaintance, B,

Hmm ... what is it?But first of all, it's a design.The design is cool and longing, that may be the start.

I was saying. In response, I said, "Sure, Porsche's design is beautiful, but the motivation to keep that longing is amazing.It ’s amazing that you do n’t know where the heat goes down after you buy itis. "Said her husband,

Porsche exceeds the "longing" and "expectations" that we have been holding for many years,High performance as a sports carI think When I bought the first Porsche Boxster GTS, it took about a year from order to delivery, so despite the expectation value was quite high,I was surprised to see that the performance slightly exceeded the expected value.
It's amazing not only for design but also for industrial products.

I said. I see. B continues,

There is it. Also,The more you know, the more attractive it isis not it. For a long time, I only had water cooling, but I started riding air cooling a little while ago. Then we knew that there was another good point again. If you notice, I'm opening up a new door more and more w

I was saying.

True, it is understandable. I think the performance of Porsche is really amazing, and it is also amazing that the Porsche made 40 years ago can still run without problems and that each model has a different appeal.

However, some Porsche riders including their husbands said,Porsche is part of my lifeMany people are "." I think it's really amazing to get there.

Then B says

That's right ... but when you think about it,Encounter with people“Kanaa. By purchasing Porsche, I have expanded my encounter with people who I never met on the job.
They are all good people, some of them have been good friends for 10 years. By buying a Porsche, you can broaden and deepen your relationship with others, learn a lot from seniors in your life ...Such "meeting" part is the biggest attractionI wonder what it is. Maybe this is unlikely for other car manufacturers.

When. My husband,

That's right.Just because you bought an AMG, how do you get connected to the AMG owner and expand the circle?I don't think so. Even if it is, it is not as much as Porsche ... Regarding the edge obtained through Porsche, I think that it is also a valuable asset.

He said. I see.

The image of people who like Porsche around me is “Pursue” and “Serious”, with such attitudes appearing at work, but with the value of “Enriching and enjoying life” I wonder if there are people.

So I'm sure there will be wavelengths and they will draw very much.

Porsche's charm is immeasurable. Anyway, my wife with a husband who loves Porsche wants to hear what his wife thinks about this time and want to make an article this time.


"Porsche came to my house" caretaker, mother of three children. Until a few years ago, I was not interested in cars at all, but when my husband bought a Porsche, I learned how wonderful Porsche is ...


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  1. Hiropon ☆ ☆

    It's a mood ~ (^-^)
    Thank you for the fun consideration.
    I have been a Porsche for about 30 years, but I think it was good to be able to meet various people by riding a Porsche.
    Especially if you like air-cooled Porsche, I think many people really like cars. Like Porsche, there are many people who are serious and honest.
    Do you say that you resemble the owner? ! I don't know who is the owner (laughs)

    • MinaMina

      Hiropon ☆ ☆

      I'm sorry! ! (Lol)
      Thank you very much! And thank you for Ashi the other day!

      30 years of Porsche history ... it's amazing ... it's so deep ...
      It is very convincing that Hiropan-san says so.

      If you are a Porsche rider who you meet in Ashi, especially if you are riding with air cooling,
      Indeed, many people really like cars.

      Talking makes me feel very happy, makes me study,
      I always think that car is good.

      > Similar to the owner, do you say? ! I don't know who is the owner (laughs)
      Sure ... (laughs)