Is the rear axle steering option required for Porsche Panamera and Cayenne?

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Porsche rear axle steering

The other day, I got a question like this on my blog.

Currently waiting for delivery of Cayenne Coupe GTS,Rear axle steering optionsIs worrisome. Of course it will be easier to handle and park, but it will also increase handling and stability at high speeds, but because it is a high-priced option, we will review whether it is an essential option for the Cayenne Panamera, which is getting bigger year by year. I want you to.

It was that.

Rear axle steering is a rear wheel steering system.That's right. In the era of the predecessor 970 Panamera, it was not possible to select it as an option, but from the 971 Panamera and the current Cayenne, it is now possible to select it as an option.

With the rear axle steering,At low speed corners, the rear wheels are in the opposite direction to the front wheelsSteering to (maximum 2.8 °) improves maneuverability. For example, when parking, the virtual wheelbase will be shortened and the turning radius will be reduced by as much as 60 cm, allowing the vehicle to move swiftly even at low speeds.

Porsche Panamera Turbo (971)

on the other hand,When cornering or changing lanes at speeds of 70 km / h or more, the rear wheels steer in the same direction as the front wheels.(The maximum rudder angle is reduced by about 1.5 °) and stability is improved. At the same time, straight-line stability is also improved.
* Source: Porsche Japan "From Passive to Active"

At my home, about Panamera"970 Panamera Edition" "971 Panamera Turbo"I have owned it for about 5 years in total. AndThe 971 Panamera has a rear axle steering option.

When my husband purchased 971 Panamera, "Absolutely attach the option of rear axle steeringAnd for the reason

Panamera has a large body, so you can make a small turn by attaching a rear wheel steering wheel. after,I want to run sporty on winding roads and mountain passes in PanameraTherefore, this option is definitely attached.

He said.

And surely, when I switched from 970 Panamera to 971 Panamera,Very small turn worksI felt like.(However, I was not dissatisfied when I was riding the 970 Panamera)

In particular, when I ran on a pass like the Ashi Driveway, I was very surprised that the car body seemed to be smaller and that it was easy to park.

Since Panamera is a large sedan, the driver's seat has a low line of sight, and he pays more attention to driving than the Cayenne, which has a high line of sight. SoWith the optional rear axle steering, driving is much easierI think.

Especially when a wife who is not very confident in driving is usually used, I think it is good because it is very easy to park at home or in the parking lot of a supermarket.

Cayenne and Riaxle Steering

But what about Cayenne? Cayenne says that the minimum turning radius will be shortened to 5.4m from the standard 5.7m by adding a rear axle steering as an option.

Porsche Cayenne E-Hybrid

On top of that, try owning the current Cayenne E-Hybrid,

For Cayenne, the option of rear axle steering is not so essential

I feel that.

Since the Cayenne can turn around unexpectedly, there is no particular problem even if you do not have the option of rear axle steering for everyday use, and lane changes on the highway and straight running are stable. Husband

When I tried the Cayenne, I got a smaller turn than I had imagined, so I thought I didn't need the option of rear axle steering. Also, unlike the time of Panamera, "Run on the pass or sporty in CayenneI didn't attach much importance to that, so I thought I didn't have to put it on.

He said.

Porsche Cayenne E-Hybrid

Regarding the point of small turn, "Air-cooled Porsche 911 (964)"Or"Nissan notebookThere are many scenes where I feel that I can't make a small turn. In fact, the current Panamera and Cayenne, which are much larger than the 964 and notebook(No rear axle steering option)It is easier to turn when turning or parking at low speed.

I think that there are various opinions depending on the user, but in the case of my home, "If you are thinking of running sporty winding etc. in Panamera or Cayenne, it is better to add a rear axle steering as an option. I think it's the conclusion.


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