I asked my husband `` What I was doing to be able to buy Porsche ''

Living with Porsche

The goal of buying a Porsche

I sometimes asked my husbandHow to get a Porsche"And blogged about it.

Can I just do my best to be able to buy Porsche?

"How can I become able to buy a Porsche?" I tried a simple doubt on my husband


And when I asked again, "What did you do when you were young to buy Porsche?""I write down my goals in my notebook about once every 10 years."Taught me that.

And the other day, I seemed to find the notebook I wrote in my twenties, and when I looked inside, it was said that this was written.

“Porsche purchase at the age of 33”When.

Goal list

Real husband's notes. It was written on the last page.

(It looks like a Porze but ...w)In response to this, my husband

The first Porsche actually(981 Boxster GTS)A little later, I bought the, but my age is a little different, but my goal of buying a Porsche in my 30s has come true. But I forgot about writing such a goal

When. However, according to her husband, the monthly salary at the time of writing this goal was about 200,000 yen, but still "I can buy a Porsche in the futureHe believed in and did not doubt. "May not be able to buy"I didn't even think of this, I only imagined a future where I could buy it.

When I was living alone for a salary of 200,000 yen,In the future you can definitely buy PorscheI didn't think so.

My husband said,

Sayana ... If you think about it normally, but I did not believe and doubt. If you think about it, I got into this kind of thinking circuit because of my university entrance exam. Having been at a university that I thought was absolutely impossible and thought that it was on the cloud was a strong success experience,Things are not as difficult as the public might say. You can do it in the right direction and with the right effort"I came to think strongly from that time.


The high school my husband was attending was a school that was not smart enough to be flattering, among which my husband seemed to be the lowest grade in the grade and the national deviation was about 30-40(Well, he didn't study for 3 years in high school.)After all, I dropped out of all the universities I took, so I went to a preparatory school for one year after graduating from high school, but the classes there were very interesting and easy to understand, making my study fun.The deviation was almost twice as large as before, and I was able to enter the target university the following year.

It was a great success and had a huge impact on her husband's future life. By the way, my husband said about the experience of the preparatory school days like this.

I think I was born again at the age of 19 w I have learned a lot this year,Among them, it is great that they are no longer deceived by "common sense" and "ordinary"I think.
During the active era, he was afraid of the brand of difficult university, and was surprised at the magnification.`` Common sense '' that it is reckless to aim for this university with this deviation valueI was quite concerned.
Meanwhile, I met a preparatory school teacher who was a ronin and still thought to be an teacher.It is not a successful person to spread the "common sense" and "ordinary" of the world. Why do you hear the opinions of such unsuccessful people?, And the consciousness changed dramatically from there.
He studied the thinking, philosophy, and behavioral patterns of successful people. I didn't care anything about magnification or deviation, so I improved my academic ability and focused solely on getting 100 points. Then one day, he noticed that he was far above.
In the past, I never gave up and I quickly stood in a position where I thought I couldn't even reach my goal because of the clouds. When I experienced it,The sense of "common sense" or "normal" is scary. Don't be fooled by such thingsI thought.

When. I really wanted to meet such a teacher (laughs), and certainly, if I had some sort of great success experience or a change in values, such as work or private life, I would believe in myself and challenge afterwards I think I can keep doing it.

And after hearing this story,To be successful, it is very important to be in a successful personI realized that.

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  1. mn 1551 mn

    I understand my husband's story very well.
    I'm ashamed of where I'm standing now, so I can't compare, but I also earn 30 years of income, transit my favorite car, become independent in my 30s, earn 40 years of income, and base in my 40s Expanding nationwide, leaving the management of 50 units, going out to bases nationwide in a favorite car, checking the service situation there and enjoying communication with customers ...
    I wrote in a notebook and professed (laughs)
    There are many things that can not be reached in many ways, but you were confident at that time, and because you have KPIs such as goals, concrete images you want to achieve and annual income, you may have approached yourself as you want to be, and look back I think it can be done.
    Achieving a few things gives you more confidence in the next.
    (But now I'm in the middle of a frustration, I'm struggling to return to myself without ending like this (^. ^))

    I'm always impressed to see the blog that Mina's action is really amazing. Also, my point of view, sentence expression, and how to spin words are strikes to me. That's also because there is a person who is honest and does not decorate. The owner's hobbies and preferences are completely sympathetic, and I'm looking forward to updating my Instagram.
    I would love to meet and talk with you if you have the chance.
    We hope you enjoy your blog and keep your readers entertained.

    • MinaMina

      Mr. mn1551mn
      Thank you very much!
      Mr. mn1551mn also wrote his goals in his notebook, and he was even professed! it's great! !
      I always think that the way to live with one-time life, imagine yourself who wants to be, and challenge yourself with greed is really cool.

      Also, thank you for speaking about the blog sentences and my husband's hobbies like that.
      I'm so happy to cry (laughs)

      My husband is always laughing, `` Mina is a sword of the Three Kingdoms, it's too fast to go wild, ''
      I think that this property is quite easy over time.

      Always supported by warm readers, I am really grateful.
      We will continue to update our blog happily so that you can buy Porsche by the age of 40, so thank you for your continued support!

  2. yuke

    When I was in my 20's, my mother told me that if there is something I want to grant, it is necessary to make it look like something first, and vaguely ride a roadster, do not get injured on a motorcycle, marry a nice woman, etc. I did.

    When I reviewed in my 30s, the goal of the memo was successfully achieved, and I wonder if it was a successful experience that was possible because I set the goal

    I refrained from setting my annual income for some reason and set a very low target, so I want to make my next target even bigger.

    • MinaMina


      Great mother!
      I've heard that just thinking about one's goals and imagining it has already come true.
      I realized the importance of writing again.

      > For some reason, I set a low target because I refrained from my annual income, so I want to make the next target even larger.
      That's right! ! Lol

  3. Take

    That was the master.
    I thought that I was smarter from a young age.
    Certainly if you do not want to be like this you can not do it.
    Sometimes you tell your goals to others, and you become aware of them.
    Writing in your notebook will also help you become conscious.

    • MinaMina


      When I heard about her husband's school days, I was rude and laughed, "How can I get that grade!"
      My husband did not study ^^;

      Life is more about what you want, what you want to be, what you do,
      I thought while reading your comments.

  4. Masan

    I always read it before going to work every morning. How are you feeling recently?

    I thought Porsche someday, and after paying off my house loan, I saved Porsche the same amount every month, but I could not decide to purchase.
    One of the reasons was that the E320 CDI of my previous Benz 211 wagon was too great. The loading capacity was large and the feeling of acceleration unique to diesel was the best.
    Although the mountain road was heavy in front of it, the high speed was really easy and fuel efficient with Benz ride.
    This car is fine until I die! At that time (4 years ago), I think that my interest in cars was gone.

    At that time, I had the following conversation with a woman who was present at the end of the cabaret club.

    Woman What do you like about cars?
    I someday want a Porsche 911.
    Which model of the female 911 do you want?
    I'm the newest guy. (Because I was drunk and at the time neglected Porsche learning, the model number did not come out immediately.)
    Woman I work in the car during the day, but there are many Porsche fans like you.
    Woman Think of Porsche as just a luxury car and just want it to look good, right?
    Female 911 has an enthusiastic fan for each model, and those who purchase it for good looks will soon let go.
    Woman That car is a valuable car only to run, so if you just want to show off Tokyo, it is best to use the current Benz.

    Guern! This is the first time in my life that I have been bullied by my twentieth-year-old puss (Rude!). Lol
    But I wasn't angry and didn't think I was rude. That's right.
    After hearing her story, she pledged Tokatsu Hatsushi, repeated tours of the dealership and test rides, and then purchased a new 991 car.
    I suddenly started going to a dealer, so when I talked to my suspicious wife, I was laughing.

    If she hadn't been with her at that time, she would still be on the Mercedes-Benz and wouldn't have read this blog.
    In fact, after I purchased, I wanted to thank her and went to the store alone, but she was closed out as a mess. Tears
    I'm confident in talking about revenge in hours now! Lol


    • MinaMina

      Masa Yan

      Thank you for always seeing the blog.
      Thanks to you, your physical condition has gradually improved.

      That's a wonderful story.
      And the woman is amazing! !
      It is accurate.

      And the relationship between the couple, who laughs with this story as a wife, is also wonderful.

      Porsche is really a car on board.
      The more you get on, the more you get into the attraction.

      > I'm confident in talking about revenge in hours now! Lol

      Sorry lol!

  5. kenken

    At the age of 19, I realized that it was normal people to make common sense!
    I'm jealous.

    Only 30 years later I noticed this.
    I'm lucky to notice.

    Because few are successful,
    In other words, it is insane.

    I think that changing this unconsciously will change your life.
    Most of the actions are unconscious.

    Starting from 2.7 of 981, I am riding a 981 spider.

    • MinaMina


      Certainly, common sense is surprisingly unreliable ...
      I'm still tied to common sense, so I feel like I've managed to flatten my thinking circuit by being with people who aren't caught by common sense ^^;

      981 spider from 981, it's incredible!
      I like the sound of the 981 spider most of the Porsche engine sounds I've heard!