My parents bought the Toyota C-HR Hybrid 1.8 G LED Edition, so I felt it on a test drive.

Toyota C-HR
Test drive report for each car

Parents buy Toyota C-HR

The other day,My parents are considering buying a new carI wrote an article, but after that my parentsI bought a Toyota compact SUV C-HR.And when I got home the other day, I was able to drive a little on the general road, so I will write my impressions, although it will be very easy.

The C-HR at my parents' house is "C-HR Hybrid 1.8 G LED EditionIt seems that it is a model. The G grade is a higher grade, and the headlights are LED, the wheel design is cooler, and not only the equipment but also the appearance design is improved.

My father,"Toyota car, hybrid car (fuel efficiency), I want a certain amount of displacement, a car that is not much different in size from the Prius I am currently ridingI was looking for it, but C-HR was selected as a candidate, and I heard that I bought it at a used car dealer near my parents' house because of a good relationship.

The appearance was quite youthful and cool. Especially the design of the wheel is fashionable and eye-catching.

Toyota C-HR

The seat is quilted on the back, and the color is black and Corris brown two-tone specification. Overall, it was soft and thick, giving it a luxurious feel.

Toyota C-HR, test drive

C-HR isEasy to drive and well equipped with safety featuresSo I thought it was a very safe car for elderly parents to ride.(It seems that the license will be returned in a few years)

Toyota's preventive safety package "C-HRToyota Safety SenseIs standard equipment on all vehicles. "Toyota Safety Sense" is a system that supports the driver's safe driving by grasping the surrounding conditions of the vehicle with two types of sensors and performing brake control as necessary.

It is fully equipped with functions that can be used not only in an emergency but also in normal driving, such as an automatic high beam function and a radar cruise control function.

I honestly thought that it was a good car with good cost performance and practicality.

Toyota C-HR

There was a traffic jam on the way, so I tried radar cruise control, but it was easy to operate, and it was smooth and smart to follow the car in front.If this is the case, it will be easier even when there is a traffic jam on the highway.However, my parents have never used a car with a cruise control function because they don't know how to operate the lever yet (sweat).

I want you to practice and use it.

Compared to the Prius that my parents used to ride,The C-HR has a high line of sight and is easy to drive.As for the same Toyota car, I had rented a Toyota Aqua as a substitute car a long time ago, but I remember being a little scared because I didn't have the undercarriage.

Compared to thatThe C-HR has a solid suspension and a sense of stability,I wasn't afraid at all even if I speeded up a little.

It was said that it was 1800CC, but acceleration on general roads is sufficientThat's right. The Prius I was riding before said that there was not much torque, the acceleration was weak, and I could not proceed no matter how much I stepped on the accelerator on the slope, so my parents said that I liked the acceleration of this C-HR very much.

He also likes the fact that the steering wheel is light and easy to operate.

Regarding the back seat, I had the impression that it was a little narrower than my notebook e-POWER. However, the seats are comfortable to sit on, and the children also say, "The back is fluffy!I was delighted to say.

Each person chooses a car

When my parents were considering buying a new car,If you're willing to pay the same amount, why not consider Volkswagen Golf?I have said.

I thought that golf would be comfortable on any road because the car is made and run well and the ride is comfortable.

But my parents

"I've been riding a Toyota car for a long time, so I'm afraid that the blinker will ride the opposite foreign car now. I'll look for it again at Toyota."

Was answered.

"Eh ~ If it's the last car in my life, I shouldn't use Toyota.However, when I tried riding the C-HR this time, I thought it was an important point for elderly parents to ride a model that they are accustomed to operating on a daily basis.

Also, this time, the sales person in charge was a very good person, and he listened to his parents' stories and taught me various things from the beginning, and it seems that such a part was also an important point.

While driving, I said "Yeah! It's easy to drive, and yes, it's a car!The mother said,

Since you usually ride only Porsche, I thought that it was a car that was not a big deal compared to that, but yes it is a car. Mom really liked this car

I was happy to say (laughs)

This time, the car includes not only the performance and equipment of the car, but also the things around the car.Whether the buyer meets the points you want to cherishHowever, I thought again that it was important.

Our couple"Running" "Riding comfort" "Cost-effectiveness"Although it emphasizes such things, parents"Ease of driving" "Store support system" "Fuel efficiency"I wonder if there are so many cars in the world because there are so many people who value such things.

Choosing a car is deep.

In any case, it is safe for my daughter to have her parents drive a solid car, so I hope she will enjoy driving safely.

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  1. hiro3008

    We always have fun look.
    My parents-in-law also switched in a similar pattern. From Prius to Yaris. My father-in-law loved cars, and he was riding a trendy car at that time, such as a sports car and a four-wheel drive, so it was no wonder that the last car was a hybrid.
    The final deciding factor seems to be ease of driving and a sense of security. It's a car that sells so much, so I think it reflects these needs. In fact, when I got on it, I thought it was a pretty good car.
    That's why my car is playing an active part in Costco and a little outing. The last car of the parent generation ... means that my car life is also a turning point. I think that I want Porsche soon, but it seems to be a little further.

    • MinaMina

      Thank you for always seeing the blog!
      Your parents-in-law also came in the same pattern!

      As you said, the cars that are selling are
      I also thought that I was firmly grasping the needs of users.

      > I think I want Porsche soon, but it seems to be a little further.
      That's right! I will do my best so that I can buy Porsche myself.
      Continue to thank you!