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At a favorite car in Ogihagi

Previously, BS Nitere 's "A favorite car of Ogihagi NO CAR, NO LIFE!Mr. Masataka Matsutoya, well-known car lover, was a car graphic TV moderator. He is also a music producer and a motor journalist who is a tremendously versatile person.

Among them, Mr. Matsutoya's favorite car Porsche"911 GT 3 (996.1 MT)"Has also appeared.

* Image Source: Ogi Ohagi's favorite car itinerary "Matsutoya Masataka"

In this 911 GT 3, "the engine mounted on the machine that controlled Le Mans was adopted", at that time"911 closest to the circuit"It was called. It was the first model that became a water-cooled engine from an air-cooled engine, it appeared as a limited model of 1,400 in 1999, but because it was very popular, it was increased production, eventually producing 1889 units. In the form of inheriting the position of Carrera RS in the age of air cooling, the type of car lover, "Normal Porsche is unsatisfactory", was purchased all together.

Also this car"In the first generation, at MT, the car is very goodThat's why Mr. Masataka Matsutoya who owned a number of vehicles entered the "Best 3" car.

Porsche (MT car) riding rule

"Wow ~ this Porsche is also a good car" I thought and thought, Mr. Masataka Matsutoya"Porsche (MT car) ride rule(Person who is driving from 930 type)I began to talk about.

Anything Porsche ride seems to be "I will not step on the accelerator at the start."

First raise the clutch and stepping on the accelerator for the first time as soon as the car moves a bit. Mr. Masataka Matsutoya says, "People who are doing the first buddy are people who do not know Porsche much."

Completely about me ... ((゚ Д ゚)

Porsche seems to be okay without having to park the accelerator first because there is torque. On the contrary, since the comfort of the driving school did not move unless the axle had to be stopped, I was thinking that "I will drive with the MT car at first to some extent with the accelerator to some extent", but even though I say the same MT car The driving method is totally different according to.(When I compare Porsche and Comfort)

By the way, I'm going to practice my husband and Boxster GTS (MT) next month asking my mother-in-law. I want to be able to drive in town smoothly at Boxster.

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  1. Gori

    Good morning.
    I am looking forward to it every day.

    Please do your best at the Boxster MT car! ! !
    I am amazing doing child rearing and working!
    However, it is very wonderful that there is time for husband and wife to share the hobby! ! ! It is an ideal couple statue! ! !
    I am an AT limited license. .
    I can not get on Porsche with great mind. .

    Next month, Panamera will be delivered.
    I am looking forward to it! ! !
    I would like to drive to Ashi Yes!

    • MinaMina

      Thank you for commenting again ^ ^ And thank you very much for seeing your blog all the time!

      > It is very nice that there is time for husband and wife to share a hobby! ! ! It is an ideal couple statue! ! !
      Thank you. It is certain that the number of conversations and time sharing with couples has increased, but before starting this blog,
      "My husband and wife has too much conversation but I do not have any particular content to talk to and I always get irritated with my child and get tired of the night and sleep soon,
      Actually there was a time of crap (lol)
      I feel that Porsche rescued the crisis (laugh)

      Even at AT, Porsche can enjoy it enough, PDK is smarter than MT, well I am still much like an AT limited license (laugh)

      Panamera delivered, I'm looking forward to it!
      By all means, please let me know if you get delivered!

      Continue to thank you.

  2. cara

    I talked about the other day, I compiled it in a straightforward way and I enjoyed seeing you as usual.
    Last time I spent a long time in black for the first time in black.
    Mina Please try it on the slope! ^ _ ^

    • MinaMina

      Mr. cara
      Thank you too ^ ^

      > I spent a dense time with black last time in black.
      Oh, I see. Is enviable! I guess I can run with the sense of being a buddy, a buddy, a team ...!

      > Mina Please try it on the slope! ^ _ ^
      However, I will do my best! ! ! I will also go to practice in November ^ ^