People who can not express my gratitude well when I gave way.

Porsche Panamera Edition 970 muffler
Consideration of a wife with a car lover's husband
The door is quite thick, is not it?

When a woman drives a large car, there are things that is inconvenient. First, when entering a parking lot somewhere,It is quite hard to take a parking ticket.Panamera's door is thick. Even if you got close to the mirror, you can not reach the parking ticket in many cases because the door is thick. Also there is not enough space to open the door, we used to take off the seat belt before, with the right foot lifting the bare brake and floating the waist, "Yokkoroshou" was taken as. Sometimes it does not reach,

Sometimes I was hanging out to the waist. In the following car,It is unbelievable to ride a big car ...It must be believed.

Even though it seems not to be expected, if it gets detached from the brake, it is dangerous, so now I am going to park and take a car and lean out and take it.

I would like to thank you coolly.

Also, thanking the oncoming car when I gave way to the road, it was inconvenient ... it was annoying. I hope that you can make the horn well, but in my case I will suffer quickly,I push the horn but it does not ring,Often they will pass each other while striking the handlebang (explosion)

On the contrary, if you put your strength, you will hear "Boo !!", so it will be a bad feeling like you are giving way backwards though you gave way.

As a result of various thinking,"You should give your hands to thank you for oncoming vehicles."There was a time when I thought. Madam wearing sunglasses is cheerfully raising his hand quickly and it is so cool that I also wanted to raise his hand with such a nice feel. (However, since it is a super Japanese face, there is no courage to sunglasses.) It is surprisingly difficult for me to try it.

If you take your hand off the handle too muchThrough the goodwill, "Yo! General, ARI !?" likeEven if you hold your hand while holding your wrist on the steering wheel, the movement is too small to understand.

If you open your hands too much,"Wait! Do not come!"Because it makes me feel like it, sometimes I misunderstand the opponent that "What, still waiting?" Even if you align your hands well, it is awkward and strange.

What should I do…So, I am now,

Saying "Azu-zu"I make it a point.

In this case, I think that oncoming cars are easy to understand "they are being told". However, although I am in a wonderful car named Panamera,

There is a feeling of being bearish to a ridiculous driver.

I wonder what everyone is doing, problem of parking lot, thank you to oncoming car. It is around this time that I am seeking a solution.


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  1. A must see

    I am really looking forward to the reaction when I give way to a woman! Especially when you are conspicuous car (^ ^) I will see cancer. So I think that even a light action will be transmitted well. I think that a light intercourse and a smile are enough!

    • Mina

      Mr. Atsune
      Thank you for your comment!

      > I think that it is well transmitted even with light action. I think that a light intercourse and a smile are enough!
      Certainly, as the face of the opponent goes into sight as a mistake, at that time a light bow and so on ... can make each other feel comfortably mistaken.
      Because it seems that it will be rude to the other person to desperately rings too much to ring the horn and to forget the bail ... ... ^^;
      From now on, I will go in this way in a way I can!

      Thank you!