It is a soliloquy that he wants to be able to appear in a favorite car of Ogihagi.

Porsche Center Nishinomiya
Living with Porsche
It is a famous program.

A favorite car of Ogi YagiI think that it is a famous program among car lovers.

Also guests"I finally called you!""I was waiting for the offer to come soon!"Because there are more people, it seems to be a popular program even among car entertainment car prefers. And everyone watching the program"If myself goes out to a favorite car ..."There must be something you imagined.

What hides me What I am too aware of, "If I go out to a favorite car ... ..." I suddenly realized there.Oh, I have never owned one car yet.

Jean ....That's it. My car's itinerary is "Nothing Nothing" at the moment so far.

Sometimes people buy cars for the first time, there are plans to present Ogihagi, but I think that it is not the real pleasure of this program.That's right ~ I am sorry for not seeing my favorite car home.(Do not leave because it is not a celebrity in the first place)

As I thought,

Yesterday I went to Super AUTOBACS with my family. Then inside the shop,Honda S660It was exhibited.

It seems to be a concept of "a car that an adult wants," but as a sports car of a manual minicar, it was quite a hot topic at the outset. Also, after seeing Becky driving S660 on TV,

"Becky manuals! Super cool!"Sometimes I was shocked. So, although I was bothered by a glitter, actually looking at the nearby point was cool, cool, waste-free, simple, sporty and nice car. Although I thought that it was smaller than I thought, "I think I can ride an adult?", But this compactness will enhance the sense of partner on the contrary.

On the way back,"After Panamera,I want to own S660 as the second car ...I can practice driving a manual car and it looks nice.Oh, but the parking lot is not enough at all ~ "While inflating the delusion, it was fun with one person.

Then suddenly I returned.

…That's it,

I have not bought Panamera yet.

From next week, work hard as well!


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