"I want to become as much as possible to go to a favorite car of Ogihagi ..."

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A favorite car of Ogi Yagi

A favorite car of Ogi YagiI think that it is a famous car program among car lovers.

Also guests"I finally called you!""I was waiting for the offer to come soon!"Because there are more people, it seems to be a popular program even among car entertainment car prefers. And everyone watching the program"If myself goes out to a favorite car ..."There must be something you imagined.

What hides me What I am too aware of, "I wish I had a chance to see a car" ... I realized there.

Oh, I have never owned one car yet.

Let's buy a car!

That's it. My beloved itinerary is "Nothing" so far, there are only husband's favorite car career. "Okay ~ I am sorry for my car careless probably.(I can not get out because it is not a celebrity in the first place)As I thought, I went to Super Aubax with my family yesterday. Then inside the shop,Honda S660It was exhibited.

It seems to be a concept of "a car that an adult wants," but as a sports car of a mini car of MT, it was talked about from the beginning of the release. Also, when Becky is driving the S660 on TV,"You can drive Becky MT! Super cool!"Sometimes I was shocked.

So, although I was a little worried a while ago, it was cooler than I imagined actually looking at up close, wasteful, simple, sporty and nice car. It was just a fairly compact car body, so I thought, "Is this really a good adult?" ... I guess this smallness will increase the sense of partner.

By the way home car

"After Panamera,I want to own S660 as the second car ...I can practice driving a manual car and it looks nice. Oh, but the parking lot is not enough at all ~ "

While inflating the delusion, while quitting alone, I suddenly returned to myself.

... I still buy one car ...(LOL)

From next week, work hard as well!


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