"Teaching to buy a luxury car loses management! Sell it all!" Teachings.

Porsche 981 Boxster GTS and Panamera
Living with Porsche

Unique company culture

To a company I entered at a new graduate"The car is what the president is willing to buy.To spend money on cars is nothing! "There was a company culture likeWhat kind of company is it.Because the president of the time, the founder of the time, was a person who started out with a duty service and overcomes various hardships and built a talented company,

"Ban on luxury, efforts are virtue, work 24 hours a day, 365 days"

The atmosphere was rooted.(As I said at the moment, it was a completely black company, but it was fun as it was)

And then the president said to the client as well "like losing business to luxury cars! Sell it all!", So I joined the company with a graduate at that time and I was "pure""The president is not good at luxury cars"I thought it was somewhat.

Ever since I joined the company, I have been operating business to receive managerial contracts for training and consulting contracts, but many of our customers'"Old car is enough for company vehicles""If you get profits, we will return it to our employees and customers."As I said, "Everyone is like a Buddha-san," I thought he was talking.

Actually, I did not see much foreigners and luxury cars parked in the office.

What I knew for the first time I quit the company

A while later I retired from the company. From that time on, Facebook became popular, the presidents of past business partners began applying for friends, somehow while watching the feed, I noticed some facts.

Everyone has a private and luxury car

To that. Mercedes · Benz, BMW, Lexus, Porsche, Ferrari, Audi ...

Many things such as "I bought a new car", "I go to a drive with my family", etc., are frequently posted pictures of which the car glanced carefully "Well, at that time, even if they did not show it to sales people at the time, I thought you had it. "

"The old car is enough for a company car ... (But I will buy a car that is private in a good condition)"
"If you get profit, return it to your employees and customers ... (However, I will give it back to myself properly")

That was it.

Sora, that's right. ... and, on the contrary, I feel relieved somewhat. now"Owning luxury cars and target cars will be a motivation to work hard"I started to understand that if I knew more about a car when I was a new graduate, I think I had more fun car talking with the president of those days at the time Today these days .


"Porsche came to my house" caretaker, mother of three children. Until a few years ago, I was not interested in cars at all, but when my husband bought a Porsche, I learned how wonderful Porsche is ...


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  1. sutearing-bouya

    Good evening.
    Ashida has not run yet so I would like to run next year ^ ^
    Recently, I often see white Panamera ~

  2. panamera-life

    Oh! Please come and try running ash!
    The distance is short, but when you are free you can drive the mountain path comfortably ^ _ ^

  3. Kasamachikara

    Thank you for your help.
    I was selling expendable items related to auto repair at the time of a salaried worker,
    When I went to the Tohoku area for sales, the customer asked me "From a good car is proof that the business is going well, we are going out with a company that is already on us.Something is bought from places like riding in a stolen car There was a thing that was told that "There is not it."
    If you replace your position and you are going to repair a car of your own, the manager there will put it in a factory on a reasonable car.
    If the president of the repair shop is on Mark X, you can put it for repair if it is to the crown class, but I will not issue any more cars.
    If the factory replaces the substitute car like a factory riding, it will not go out for repair.
    I do not think that such a factory will care about customer's car.
    And I think that you should not go out with people like being jealous of being on a good car,
    I feel that people are not being taken a cry from a person who is riding in a suitable car.
    When I bought Cayenne eight years ago, I consulted my eldest daughter "Is not it too good to be conspicuous?",
    I decided to purchase because I pushed my back, "Otou! You should ride normally?"
    Recalling now I think that "getting rid of without knowing" was the correct answer.

    • MinaMina

      Ms. Kasamachikara
      > When I went to the Tohoku region for sales from the customer when I went to a business in the Tohoku region "It is proof that the business is going well, it is evidence that the business is going well, we are going out with a company that is already on. From things like riding in a stolen car I will not buy it "was said to have been told.
      Is that so ...! Did the customer say such a story as a salesman of a company related to repairing automobiles? But it certainly has its own way.

      > If I replace my position and I am going to repair my car, managers there will put it in a factory on a reasonable car.
      indeed. Because it is an important car, it seems important to know how far the car looking at that car is cherishing the car and riding the corresponding car.
      Otherwise, there seems to be a scene where the story of this story does not fit ....
      Even if you do not judge by car alone, it is reasonable to be able to buy the corresponding cars.

      > When I bought a cayenne eight years ago, I consulted my eldest daughter "Is it too good to be conspicuous?",
      > I decided to purchase because I pushed my back, "Otou! You should ride normally?"
      Miss, cool! ! ! This is a handsome lol!
      But it is really so, you can not go out with people who say something by riding a Porsche, I think that the stance of riding on what I think is good is just as important ^ ^