The first time to test the Toyota Prius - the plus side and the minus side compared with Panamera.

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A family car, Prius

Yesterday, I had the chance to drive my Prius Prius for the first time. Although it was only about 20 minutes to change driving with my father in the service area of the expressway and get off the highway .... My family 's Prius is quite old as it is a model about 10 years ago. In addition,

The Prius is a light body and it seems to be blowing off and it seems to be scary ... If the accelerator is stepped on, nothing happens, I wonder if the accelerator is faint ...

As I was thinking, the Prius decided that it was a difficult car to drive. ... But contrary to expectations, the Prius was a fairly easy to drive car and felt very well on the Japanese road. You should sell it.

However, the talk is different as it becomes a highway.

Although domestic cars sold in Japan are not supposed to speed up on highways,(Does not it blow off the autobahn like Germany and is it supposed to run on a road with many street riding and traffic congestion?)I was scared. So, I want to write today that I felt about the difference between Panamera and Prius.(Prius is not a 4 door saloon anything, and with PanameraThe comparison itself is wrong)

The negative side of the Prius

First of all, as a negative side of the Prius,
1 100 km / h is the limit
If you drive on the highway with the Prius, the speed is limited to 100 km / h(I mean whether it is over the statutory speed at the time of 100 km / h). The new Prius and the high grade may be different, but at this speed, the steering wheel shakes and the rolling motion of the car body is scared.

I am afraid of 2 lane change
Even if I tried to change the lane by cutting the steering wheel with the same feeling as Panamera, it was not very smooth and I was very scared.(Although there are problems of driving skills)

3 There is no acceleration force
Especially at merging, even if deeply depressing the accelerator, it does not accelerate to the sound. With the feeling of Panamera, even though I thought "If it is now smoothly put in!" And stepping on the accelerator does not accelerate as I expected, it has resulted in the braking of the following cars. Well, it is natural, though.

4 Quite interrupted
The distance between the car and the preceding car may have been wide, but it was interrupted with a good probability. Moreover, it felt that he got suddenly coming in. In Panamera, it was not experienced first.

The plus side of the Prius.

Conversely, as a plus side,
I can hear 1 small turn
That feeling of being small, when it leaves the parking lot in the service area. It was as if I wanted to spin around meaninglessly on the spot. In this way I thought that even women could drive easily.

2 easy to park
Naturally all of the car width and length are shorter than Panamera, so it is very easy to park. Whether there are cars on both sides, whether the width is narrow or not, it can be stopped anywhere as long as one is open. This is convenient.

3 Good fuel economy
Even the old type Prius said that fuel efficiency is an average of 19 km / l. Even if there is a town ride or a traffic jam, 19 km / l is amazing.(Panamera which I am riding now is about 5 or 6 if I take a street)

So, already clearly understood,

If you are a town ride main, the Prius will be pretty good, and if you often use highways, Panamera is definitely better

I reconfirmed that(Natural w)

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