I tried the Prius for the first time, the plus side and the minus side seen from the panamera ride.

Porsche Panamera Edition 970
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My family's car is Prius.

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to drive my Prius Prius. Although it was said that it was only 20 minutes to change the father in the service area of ​​the expressway and take the high speed. My parent's Prius is pretty old with about 10 years ago type. And somehow an image, Prius thought that it was a difficult-to-drive car. I wonder if the car is light and it seems to be blowing off, I wonder if it's scary or nothing happens when I'm going to accelerate, I guess it's like an accelerator.

... However, contrary to expectations, it was a pretty easy driving car. I think that it is very good also in the way of Japan, and it will sell so much.

But when it comes to expressways, the story is different.

Originally Japanese cars seem to be many that are not premised on speed on expressways,(It does not blow off the autobahn as in Germany, town ride and traffic congestion are common)I was scared. So, I thought about the difference that I felt in running Panamera normally and running in the Prius.(Prius is not a 4 door saloon anything, and with PanameraThe comparison itself is wrong)

The negative side of the Prius

 As a negative side of the Prius,
One hundred kilometers is the limit
It is 100 km that limits the speed that will be given by the Prius. Although the new Prius or the high grade may be different, if it exceeds 100 km, there is still a reasonable speed feeling, the steering wheel and the car body become easy to blur, it is scary.(It's over 100 kilometers at the legal speed, but it's over)

2 Blurred when changing the lane while running at high speed
When changing the lane while taking out 100 kilometers or more. I just bent a little handle with the same feeling as Panamera and it bent at a great angle. I did not get smooth, I was scared.(Although there are problems of driving skills)

3 Acceleration is weak
Especially at merging, even if you push the accelerator deeply, it does not accelerate to the sound. With the sense of Panamera, even though we thought that we could insert smoothly now, we did not accelerate as we thought, so it resulted in braking the following cars.

4 It is interrupted with a good probability
The distance between the car and the car ahead might have been wide, but it was interrupted with a good probability. Moreover, it suddenly comes to getting felt. "No, do not enter now" Feeling to want to say. It is unavoidable if it is Panamera.

The plus side of the Prius.

As a plus side,
I can hear 1 small turn
That feeling, when it leaves the service area, that feeling. It was as if I wanted to spin around meaninglessly on the spot. This makes women easier to drive.

2 easy to park
Naturally all of the car width and length are shorter than Panamera, so parking is easy. Whether there are cars on both sides, whether the width is narrow or not, it can be stopped anywhere as long as one is open. This is useful.

3 Good fuel economy
Even the old type Prius said that the average fuel consumption was 19. Even if there is a street ride or a traffic jam, 19 is incredible.(Panamera being riding now would be 6 or 5 if it was a town ride)Already clearly,

If you are a town ride main, the Prius will be pretty good, and if you use highways often, Panamera is better.(... no, it will be so, no matter who you think) 

... I mean, Panamera is a sports car, Prius is an eco car, the purpose is different in the first place, so I think today I think that comparing such things is totally meaningless, these days.


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