A couple who talks about "car" for two and a half hours out of three hours.

Everyday conversation between car husband and wife
Two couples and two couples without ever having a water conversation for the first time in a long time.

Yesterday was coincidentally, after a long time(About half a year)With my husband two people could eat slowly. My husband and I neither drink, so I like taverns and stylish shops, I prefer not to like, and I usually went for a buffet.(It was pretty good)Last weekend's husband had been out for touring alone,

On what route do you travel,How far is it running,●● How was the prefecture's way,●● Started with a story that the way of the cape at that capital is the best,

My husband checks each time,Wata's blogIt became a story,(Wata is really amazing.To the extent that I think it is crazy (in a good meaning)I'm playing touring. And all the pictures are so beautiful)My husbandPorsche is a teacherI found a blog called "I talked about being so convinced.

About this blog, it was difficult for me with contents that only the person who knows the car's structure really knows,

"By using such a mechanism,

TheChange the pedal effort of the dull as expectedbe able to.

This mechanismIn the minor shade,

Engine rotation mechanicallynot only,

Sensoryly the muscles of the right foot,In addition, we are comfortable with the whole body

OwnYou can control to your existence.

A quarter of a century ago, to the importance of thatI noticed, got a solution,

It is a productIncluded in addition, extraordinary here is hereI never appealed such as.

Because it is Porsche's Porsche,

Where I have no choice but to believe that it is fluffy "

It certainly felt like that, and I was deeply moved. Especially"I never appealed that this is amazing,"The place is cool to the highest. Also, after all, in Japan, there is no service to pick up a new car at a factory in Porsche,

About the factory pick service when purchasing a Porsche new car.

I spoke about 3 hours or so,Perhaps two and a half hours was about a car.What kind of couple? (Explosion)After that, there is little talk about parenting and omission of owning houses. As usual, if you talk with your couple for 3 minutes, your daughter will definitely come in"Dad and mother, you can talk" -"Dad and mother, do not talk"I said, but I did not have it so I could speak freely as much as I want.

The relationship between the couple is all foundation

Each other, I become my father, become my mother, I am born a child, I have two children, the role increases, I think that the relationship between married couple has changed. The conversation also decreased, and there was almost no way for two people to go somewhere and do something.

Still, since my family thinks that the relationship of married couple will be the basis of it, I think that it will be made from there, so I hope to work each other, I hope the couple get along well, I hope to have a good time forever.


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