2017 WEC Fuji 6 hour endurance race watching - Pit and backside of stakeholder lounge etc.


Panamera is big

A week passed since Panamera Turbo was delivered. Panamera in our house seems a bit somewhat sketchy because the body color is night brown metallic and dark. Also, because it stands out greatly, the store manager of the gas station where my husband often goes

"What's this big car and what? Ferrari? It's a big car and nothing!"

It seems that 10 consecutive calls were made (laugh)

Well today is(Preliminary not related at all), There are hundreds of photos taken with WEC the other day so I would like to introduce some of them.

At the pit walk

First of all, the state of the pit walk. The driver 's autograph session was held for only 30 minutes, but because it was a matrix, it was only visible from the outside.

From behind, Timo Bernhard, Aar Bumber player, Brendon Hartley player.Actually looking at the driver,Everyone is thin and thin.Sorry, I have to get on that machine, I wonder if it is impossible for me to be big. At the sign of the famous Porsche driver, Andre · Rotterer of handsome, the crowd was so terrible that he could not see it at all and it was not a situation that it was very possible to take a picture with the camera.

By the way this is Lotterer.

(Pictures are quoted from the Porsche Japan official website)

If you are getting up in the morning and seeing a mirror this face, if you look in the mirror it seems that you will look at your face all day without racing (A - bomb) It is surprising that I am 35 years old the same age as I am.

Um ... 919hybrid ...!

Behind it there was 919hybrid. My husband got excited and became a camera kid entirely throughout the whole day.

As Porsche decided to withdraw from WEC's LMP 1 class as long as this season,I can see this 919 hybrid in Japan,Fuji this time is the last.I thought so, it was a very valuable opportunity. I could see the Porsche RSR when I went back a little further.

There were not many people, being rattled when becoming around here. After all, it seemed that there were overwhelmingly more people who came to see LMP 1 Toyota.

Grit walk

Next, grit walk.

You can actually see the race cars lined up on the circuit at close range.

Of course, 911 RSR was also proper.

Some fans have touched or taken pictures together in an unreasonable posture, and people on the Porsche team seemed very annoying. If by any chance it falls down or jams and there is something on the machine, how will we take responsibility ..., there were not a few scenes that fans also feel moral is necessary.

Participant VIP lounge

Thanks to the official lounge. In the Porsche official lounge, there are team stakeholders, sponsors, their customers, drivers, interpreters, car journalists, motorist journalists, perhaps like her driver's super-beautiful roadside Jessica ... There were a lot of different people.

Somehow, a great VIP space.

And there, Brendon · Hartley player.

It looks like he came to the lounge before the race, it was super cool and handsome. "Only customers of DMG MORI can get a signSo, we did not have a signature, we only had a Porsche official pass. I thought it was a bit ... but the staff at DMG MORI stopped. Sorry ....

When the race starts, the racer who has already finished running came to the official lounge to explain the race, but I had to milk,(Yes, I am a mother with a nine - month - old daughter and I am breast - feeding now,It will be great if you do not milk)Leave for a while. So, when I came back, it was awesome people in the lounge,

I thought what the husband said "Lotterer was coming.One word.

Eh, that handsome Lotterre!

I could not see in the end, and while looking at the pictures of my husband's photographs frantically"Why did you go to milk at that timing?"He regretted violently. The picture at that time is this.

How tasty.

Even when I'm only listening to people 's story.

It sounds like a Hollywood star. How happy it will be when you are born with such a face (explosion)"But I guess there is a hard work that Ikemen only knows about handsome"While thinking about something that does not matter ...

The weather is not pleasing for the race all the time,

Unfortunately, Porsche was ranked 3rd and 4th, but it was possible to see the race up close and the back side was also felt, I had a very valuable experience. I'd like to take my children to see the race next time.

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