It is "The Porsche Principle" which is sent to the owner after Porsche purchase.

Porsche Panamera
One day, the postage from Porsche Japan.

When I got home from ferry trip to Kyushu last weekend, this kind of thing came from Porsche Customer Care Center. As I opened it,

Welcome To Porsche World(Welcome, I wonder whether it may be a literal translation to the world of Porsche)Inside, this A4 paper.

And this sentence was written.

Dear Sir, thank you for your continued patronage and prosperity.
Thank you very much for choosing a Porsche car this time.
Porsche has been driving the history of sports cars for more than 60 years,
We have been fascinated by people every day.
Not to mention long cruising through beautiful scenery,
It is an experience encountered with great pleasure that you can taste even in the daily driving scene.
Every time you grasp the steering, please enjoy the real value of Porsche.
From the origin of Porsche to the philosophy of car making, to models that continue to engrave history in history,
The rare brand book "The Porsche Principle" with various charms,
A leaflet introducing activities and services that further enhance Porsche Life
I bundled it, so please have a look.
I hope for your long lasting relationship in the future.
Porsche Japan Co., Ltd.

Porsche principals are what they are.

Oh ... by the way, I wonder if this was before this before. My husband feels like saying "I perused Porsche principal!" When you look inside, the Porsche catalog? When,

Got out!This is"The Porsche Principle"!

When I opened the inside,

The belief of Ferdinand Porsche and his child Ferry · Porsche and the third generation photograph which developed 911 were posted, and successive Porsche was introduced along with the explanation after that.

It is amazing. It seems that 70% of the Porsche produced so far is still actually traveling. It is amazing. Also,"Even if the mileage exceeds 600,000 kilometers,You can enjoy Porsche's running unchanged. "Episodes such as were written.

Mileage of 600,000 kilometers ...

Because it seems that the distance around the earth is "40,075 kilometers", it means that it is roughly 15 laps of the earth. The performance of Porsche is amazing, but the owner who runs that distance is amazing. When returning from Osaka to our house, it is around 50 kilometers, so it is 18,250 kilometers as if we were going back and forth every day 365 days a year. It will take 32 years if I think to go 600,000 kilometers.

, 32 years (゚ ∀ ゚) · ∵. Gukh !!! ! ! ! !

No, it is already abrupt. I wonder what they are treating importantly. I also like "Porsche"(I like Panamera)Still, I do not have any ride every day, and even so it is impossible to write such a blog somehow. No, in the world there are lots of great people.

I also wanted to go to the Porsche Museum in Germany.

Besides that, it also introduced the evacuation of factories in Gumund during the war, the history of 911 development, and Porsche's electric vehicle "Mission E".

(This is Mission E.Porsche Japan's siteBorrow more)

this"The Porsche Principle"It was Ferdinand Porsche that this shocking news was read after reading.

"The car that will realize my dreamI could not find it no matter where I looked.So I decided to make it myself. "

It's amazing. too cool. Although I can tell "anyway" to anyone, it is incredible to make it by myself, and to make it really. Such a husband to "Porsche 356 is cool.Did you find this at the Porsche Museum in Germany? "I heard that

"Yeah, that's it."One word.

Me: "Why did you tell me then (- _ -) /"

Husband: "I mean, I say nothing,I am not interested in it at allI have been trying to keep you free for the whole time "

That's right, it was. Three years ago when I went to the Porsche Museum in Germany, I did not know much of Porsche yet, I was not interested and I had no choice but to buy a souvenir's chocolate.

Oh what a thing ....

This stupid thing!(Takeda Tetsuya style)

I want to go there again.

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