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A soliloquy of an employee who is troubled by Porsche lovers.

The title of this blog is "Porsche came to our house," but recent articles are completely"Soliloquies of Porsche Favorite Sufferers"It is. (LOL)

My own "strengths" are hard to notice if I am a strength. Because,Because it is demonstrated unconsciously.There are many cases that it is made like it is natural and results are obtained even though I have not made that effort so far, the strengths are hidden there.

Since I do not intend to make an effort on my own, I do not feel a sense of achievement so much,Because there is not much to be strongly conscious,It does not become obvious.Even if you are told that "There are great things about you," it will end with "No, that's not the case".Than that"I wish I had this ability more than myself"And, consciousness turns out to be empty.

How do you notice the strengths?

So in such a way, the way to notice your strength"Comparison with others"I think that there is only one.

For example, in Porsche,Steering accuracy,Where the accelerator does not have play and moves as expected,High speed stability, ground touch of the ground,Where I get impressed every single day even if I ride everyday,It is because there is "comparison with others" that you can feel that the part like Porsche is terrible.

There are cars of various manufacturers in the world, and because of experience of getting on a car of another company, we can be more conscious of the strength of Porsche.

"Time is not absolute but relative."And, as Einstein says in relativity theory,(Since gravity is slower as time passes,If you see the earth from a place heavier in gravity than the earth,It looks like video fast forward.... If you give out this analogy, the story will be unnecessarily complicated. )

Porsche,Without an ism,It is still possible to continue driving the global automobile manufacturer as a high-end sports car,With the presence of rival companyIt is.

If there were only Porsche in the world, it may have been unnoticed and abandoned the strengths of our company, if anything.(No, Ferdinand Porsche does not do that ...)Perhaps there might have been no Porsche now.

I think,Mercedes · Benz, too,BMW, too,Audi, too,Ferrari alsoJapanese manufacturers too ...Because there are such car manufacturers, Porsche is established.

So, not only Porsche wins alone,The other rival companies also do their best,Porsche can be more PorscheSo, I want all manufacturers to do their best.(Why are you looking at your eyes from the top ...)

Although it is completely personal matter.

In fact, recently I have the opportunity to deeply analyze my "strengths", I also studied about career formation as it is, and I knew that I knew some knowledge about how to find strength, but I realized it.

I did not understand my strength at all ...! !

Far from being unknown, its place to destroy the strength of the fingernails. Awa - (- _ -) / ... It was because I noticed that Porsche was a Porsche, I thought of myself and I realized that comparing other companies is important.

Well, work.


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