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The title of this blog is "Porsche came to our houseHowever, recent articles have been totally sold by the people who are troubled by Porsche lovers, a story that is somewhat troubled today.

My "strengths" are hard to notice when it is a strength on your own.Because they are unconsciously demonstrated. There are many cases where the strength is hidden in that it is made like it is natural and results are obtained even though I have not made that effort so far.

I do not have any intention of making efforts on my own, so I do not feel a sense of accomplishment much. That is, it is rarely consciously conscious, so it does not become obvious. Also,Your ◯◯ is awesomeEven if it is told, "There is no such thing," sometimes it can not be taken.

Beyond that, humans tend to be thoughtlessly thoughtless, "I wish I had this ability more than myself".

How do you notice the strengths?

So, among other things, the way to notice your strengths ... After all "Comparison with othersI think that there is only one.

For example, in Porsche,Steering accuracy,Performance of accelerator and brake,High speed stability and earth ground feelingIt is because there is "comparison with others" that you can realize that the parts such as the part is amazing.

There are cars of various manufacturers in the world, and it is that we can be more conscious of the strength of Porsche, because there is experience of getting on a car of another company. Porsche does not hoist the ism and still continues to lead the world's automakers as a luxury sports car,Just because there is a rival company.

If there were only Porsche in the world, it may have been unnoticed and abandoned the strength of our company,(No, Ferdinand Porsche does not do that ...)Perhaps there might have been no Porsche now.

I think that Mercedes · Benz, BMW, Audi, Ferrari, domestic car manufacturers ... Because there are such automobile manufacturers, Porsche is established.

So it is not only that Porsche wins alone, but Porsche can continue to be more Porsche only when the other rival companies do their best, so any manufacturer wants to do their best.(Eye line w from the top) ...

I was about to abandon it

In fact, I had the opportunity to deeply analyze my "strengths" recently. I am studying about career formation as it is, I had some knowledge about how to find strength, but I have noticed the other day.

I did not understand my strength at all ...! !

Far from being unknown, its place was just about to throw away its goodness. Rosewood ... It was a comparison with other companies that I noticed.

Talk about what ... ... Well, I'll work.


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