I tried to drive Panamera Turbo with paddle shift @ Ashi Driveway

Porsche New Panamera Turbo
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Driving Panamera with a paddle shift.

Recently, when I go out in Panamera, I try to drive with a paddle shift wherever I go.Sometimes you forgot about it when you wait for a signal, it will be a green light and you will be accelerating by pushing it as it is at the 1st gear of gear (explosion)With such a thing like this, I got accustomed to driving paddle shift little by little, so I became able to understand somewhat of the pleasure and decided to go to Ashi Driveway yesterday in Panamera.

And"Let's take a single-lens reflex camera where you are running as long as you go"My husband told me that my family will go with me driving.

Do not run away!

When leaving home and starting driving with a paddle shift, from her husband,

"There's no point in driving a paddle shift in the streets with lots of traffic lights and cars, right now, are you going to be at AT?"

It is said ... ....

"Well, I was saying that I should fix it from the sex that drives with the AT, even though it is driving at AT, so I will try to drive away with a paddle shift at any time to escape (- _ -)"To say,

"If you do not really escape from the runway, it does not make sense to drive in Boxster's manual, there is no escape for PDK."

As I returned, I thought "Well certainly" while driving with AT, I arrived at Ashigami while I was doing such a thing.

Ashi has started running.

Ashigata on Saturday is very vacant. I decided to take my husband at the shooting spot near the observation deck, go back and forth from Okui to the observation deck, and have her husband take a picture during that time.

I thought that the faster one can take pictures with a sense of running but from my husband"If you come to the shooting spot you run slowly! If it is too fast you can take a picture!"In spite of being kept in mind, I ran about 40 kilometers at the shooting spot, but while driving on other roads I was driving with a paddle shift.
No, no. It is totally different from AT. Although there is some time difference in shift change,I change the gear at my own timing, decelerate in front of the curve and downshift, accelerate by raising the gear after leaving the curveI could taste a little.

Although I said that, I was chattering, it was in a state that I stepped on the brake a lot before the curve and I could not drive well, as long as it was not a straight line I could not pull at the 3rd speed ....

However, if you are going back and forth on Ashigami,The 1st year old daughter who was sitting in the back seat said "Uoo ... (- _ -)" or "あ う ぅ う ... (; 'д`) "As I saw the back, I turned pale, and it was a tearful eyes(The eldest daughter was sleeping w)While saying "Wow! I'm sorry!" Photography shooting ended.

I cleaned up beautiful air at the observation deck, and came home on a return slowly.

I want to be able to operate in manual operation.

And as for the picture of the important thing ... Because my driving speed was subtle or the hazard was released and the timing to stop stopping was too early and I could not take it well, next time I leave the children and exchange hands free with my mobile I was supposed to have to shoot while doing it.(I think that I will do something else, but my husband seems not to be convinced at all)

And I thought again,After all, if you could drive the manual, it would be fun hundreds of times paddle shiftThat. Actually, I will go to see Fuji Speedway at the Fuji Speedway in June, but at that time I am heading for Boxter, so I'd like to practice by a while ago!


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