The latest Porsche is the best Porsche – the best is water-cooled or air-cooled Porsche?

Air-cooled Porsche

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A famous word about Porsche carsThe latest Porsche is the best Porsche". It's a very hurdle, but in fact it feels like it is.

When driving a current Porsche,It is absolutely impossible to exceed this performance."When you test drive a new model at a test drive fair, you'll think" It's completely different! This is really amazing.

On the other hand, I hear that the latest Porsche may be the “best” Porsche, but the “best” is the Porsche of the XX era ”. The owner who owned the water-cooled Porsche and the air-cooled Porsche, which I talked about before,In this air-cooled generation, Porsche is completeWhen I heard that word, I thought it was deep.

The best Porsche is ...

The latest Porsche is the best Porsche, but the best Porsche is the era of ○○

So, "Which is better, water-cooled or air-cooled Porsche"I think that the theme" is a secret topic among Porsche owners. "

The other day, I went to a Porsche owner and our family for dinner.

“It's really nice to be air-cooled. It ’s fun. If you have this one, you do n’t need anything else.”
“No, but when I get on the latest water cooling, this is really amazing!

And somehow it was talked about happily like an elementary school child.

So it ’s not “which is good or bad, which is up or down”,My Porsche is the best PorscheI feel that everyone has the same feeling.

And I felt smiled to be able to recognize each other's car like that.

The same Porsche

My husband is now in an environment where I can ride both water-cooled and air-cooled Porsche. And every time my husband rides those cars,As if the car was delivered today”Go home from work with great emotion.

・ No ~ Boxster really feels good. I opened the roof and came back, but the best!
-GT3 is amazing! Grab the ground and make a bend as if cutting the ground. A terribly amazing car.
・ Air cooling is fun after all-it depends on your skill. I'll grin at the corner when I feel comfortable.
-Really Panamera is amazing. There are many moments that feel like a GT3, even with such a big car. Really amazing

etc…. Well, because Porsche is a very good price, it does not end the excitement once you ride, but it keeps getting excited so much w

On top of that, my husband often says about air-cooled and water-cooled Porsche.

I think air-cooled and water-cooled, at first glance it feels like a completely different Porsche. Air-cooling makes you run as you like, with a delicate opening and closing of the accelerator and a single step on the brake.It is fun because the driving skill is directly proportional to the motor performance of the car.
On the other hand, the latest Porsche has improved performance and has many scenes where cars intervene, which is more stable than air cooling, powerful and fast. ThatImpressed with the overwhelming degree of completeness and high performance as a car every time.
So, if you ride only air-cooled 964, do you need GT3 or something? Or, if you ride only GT3, do you need Boxster or air cooling? And if I get on Panamera again, will this be the only one? I think.It is repeated in my head every time I change.seriously.
But,Whether you ride the latest 911 or a 964 made 30 years ago, the feeling of "Oh ... Porsche" is the same moment when you sit on the seat and hold the handleWhat? It ’s amazing.

When. I'm sure it's true. I'd like to report to my husband about "feeling of riding both air-cooled Porsche and water-cooled Porsche".

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  1. Tetsu

    Mina's Hello.
    I always look interesting.

    It's a hot topic with friends who love cars.
    Air cooling or water cooling?

    In general, comparing the latest with the latest 25 years ago,
    I don't think you can usually think about it.
    Still, the discussion between water cooling and air cooling is
    Air-cooled Porsche
    I think it is because of its perfection and taste.

    In addition to the horizontally opposed RR engine inherited in the latest 992
    Instrument panel, bonnet shape that tributes to the air-cooled era.
    Last year's Porsche Classic Gold Project.
    Both feel the strong love of Porsche,
    I feel respect for Porsche's history.

    Every time you ride in the air-cooled era on your blog, you feel like dancing
    Also, “My Porsche is the best Porsche”
    Is totally sympathetic.

    That's why the best Porsche for me is 964.

    • MinaMina

      Mr. Tetsu
      Thank you very much!

      > Nevertheless, the discussion between water cooling and air cooling is
      > Air-cooled Porsche
      > I think it is because of its perfection and taste.

      Certainly, you are right!
      There aren't many ordinary products that speak in comparison to the old ones.

      As you say, 992 reflects various things from the air-cooled era,
      Every time I feel the Porsche love of engineers and designers and everyone, I feel confident.

      The more you think about that, the more you think
      I think that Porsche is amazing and deep, I really don't know Porsche at all.

      > So, the best Porsche for me is 964.
      It's nice ^^! !
      Continue to thank you!

  2. yone0531

    MInas Good evening.

    Thank you for your daily work. Reading this blog every day is routine!
    By the way, this blog was especially interesting. My husband loves Porsche.
    Air-cooled, water-cooled, open, sedan, so if Mina is Macan or Cayenne, it's full complete.
    What about it? I think there are a lot of car lovers all over the country, but there are people who stick to one manufacturer and own 4 cars.
    I don't think so. Even if you like Porsche, do you have 2 units of air cooling and water cooling?
    That's what the “calorie” of the previous article is. No, I really respect my husband!
    Porsche never rides, but the latest is still the best. No ~ It ’s too nice!

    • MinaMina


      Thank you very much!
      Some blog readers say, “I feel like reading a morning newspaper and I read a blog when I get up in the morning.”
      I'm grateful ^^

      I think my husband's Porsche lover is really dangerous while watching by his side.
      Even if you ride this many cars,
      I think again that the Porsche that fascinates the driver is a ridiculous car.

      Certainly, the amount of heat applied to her husband's car is not humba (laughs)
      As a wife, I want to keep doing that and keep working hard (laughs)