A case where a problem with driving a manual car was pointed out and it was decided to polish the driving technique

Porsche Boxter

Too much manhole

The other day, when I was running Boxster with my driving, my husband told me this.

Why do you run on all such manholes (-_-)?

When. "Well, was there a manhole? I didn't see it at allIf you answer

I was walking around the street. Especially in the case of uneven manholes, it is better to run as little as possible.

It was said.

After that, I tried not to step on the manhole, but I ran ... I have a lot of manholes. "Maybe every 10 metersIt is installed in a place where tires can be stepped on.

Also, while shifting and running, looking at the manhole and checking the surroundings ...

Oh, it's impossible to avoid it (゚ д ゚)!

To say,

It ’s okay to avoid it all, but… It ’s not easy to handle because you ’re driving around the nearby manhole.


I want to run without stepping on the manhole

So, I examined the relationship between manholes and car tires.

-Since the tire is rubber,The grip is almost ineffective on iron,slide.
・ There are about 15 million manhole covers installed in Japan, only for sewerage.About 3 million units have exceeded the standard adoption years (30 years) set by the country,There are concerns about aging.
・ The lid of the manhole becomes slippery when it rains, so the car tire may slip and cause an accident. Especially for bike riders,Even in fine weather, the manhole cover is basically “avoidable”.
・ After passing through a slightly raised manhole while decelerating, the oil pan on the bottom of the car contacted and damaged the corner of the manhole, causing oil leakage.
・ Accidents such as car punctures due to protrusions such as manholes have occurred.

It was. If there is no car around, if the car slips when there is an oncoming car or a following car,It may also lead to a major accident involving the surroundings.In that sense, there has never been a consciousness of running without manholes.

Also new in memory is this year's F1 Round 4 Azerbaijan GP. There was an accident in which the running machine stepped on the manhole cover and the manhole cover was released and hit the bottom of the floor, debris scattered, and the race was interrupted by the red flag.

FIAManhole cover loosened due to broken fastener"I don't want to speak the manhole cover."

In one article,

On rainy days, the grip difference between the manhole cover and the asphalt pavement increases. There is also a difference in the coefficient of friction, and asphalt is slightly infiltrated with rainwater, but there is also a difference that water accumulates on the iron plate. Therefore, it is not necessary to dare to step on the manhole cover with tires.
* Source:A car that runs away from the manhole cover you sometimes see, shouldn't you step on it?

It was written.

I see ... butIt's hard to run around manholesWell. It is meaningless if you drive too carelessly or run out of the opposite lane because you are distracted by the manhole, but in the coming autumn and winter, I want to run as much as possible.

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  1. Ishi

    After reading the article, I remembered that I often used “neutral tactics” (laughs) when I just started MT.
    But as your husband says, neutral is dangerous because it can be dangerous when you need to start and stop. When the road is clear and there are no cars at the front or back, you may try to put it in neutral and imitate the coasting of PDK.

    PTE, I participated in the warm up when I was formerly called PDE. Although it was certainly the bottom class, it was still exciting enough to remember the great performance of the G that comes from full acceleration and sudden stops. I hope I can participate in perfect condition.

    • MinaMina

      Mr. Ishi

      I'm used to MT driving itself, but I say that I'm completely scared of the existence of Porsche,
      It is the same MT car, and Boxster is usually easy to drive, but there is a feeling that is completely in the atmosphere (lol)

      Anyway, the neutral tactics are not good ...!

      You participated in warm up!
      It seems that the contents of precision are quite similar.

      I will do my best on that day!

  2. Bardock

    Nice to meet you.
    The manhole is slippery on rainy days, so I avoid it.
    At the joints of highway piers, the iron parts are also slippery and sometimes clogged.
    Especially the seams at the corners will be cautious.

    • MinaMina

      Mr. Bardack

      > At the joints of highway piers, the iron parts are slippery and sometimes sneaky.

      As you say, the highway seam is scary ...
      I have a hard time.
      I will be careful on manholes and seams, especially on rainy days!

  3. Esta

    Running in N is called neutral tactics. I did not know that.
    I use it for MT, but I use it only when I can confirm that there is no option to change lanes for both my car and other cars due to road conditions.
    I'm on a normal drive and what do people want to do next? Do you turn left because you are on the left? I like to observe and make predictions. There are some people who like observation (laughs)
    Also, I think it ’s not something you can afford, but something you make (laughs)

    I'm looking forward to seeing Mina driving Boxster vividly and running refreshingly! (^^)

    • MinaMina


      > Running in N is called neutral tactics. I did not know that.
      No, I was just telling my husband and wife (laughs)
      As Esta said, I thought it was really important to perform appropriate operations while checking the situation.

      I'm used to driving MT cars,
      Porsche is completely swallowed by its existence ... (laughs)
      I want to get used to it!

      I am looking forward to seeing you again in Arisu!

  4. PorscheDreamer

    Hello. Is it a neutral tactic?
    In the old days, it was said that you should always put gears on the road, but now that PDKs are free-coating and coasting, I'm trying a lot in the manual. It may be said that it is an evil road.

    You say that professionals refer to AI in Shogi etc., but I wonder if there is an image to try referring to PDK. I have very little experience with PDK, but I think PDK will choose the optimal gear instantly according to the next operation even if it is coasting. Manual neutral tactics? However, I always feel that I should be aware of the vehicle speed and put it in the best gear when needed. Speaking only of the movement of the shift lever, the operation from the neutral position is almost half of the operation. If you want to coast slightly while decelerating from 50km / h, if you want a little acceleration in the city, my 991.2 is OK if you put it in 4th speed at 40km / h and 3rd speed at 30km / h. If you want quick acceleration even at 40km / h, you can just blipping a second speed. However, it seems like I don't know the difference in fuel consumption between accelerator-off and coasting at 6th to 7th gear, so I'm starting to think that I wouldn't bother to coast. Since we are only aware of the vehicle speed and gears that match it, it doesn't matter whether it is coasting or not.

    • MinaMina


      Thank you very much!

      > In terms of image, it might be a good idea to refer to the PDK.

      I see ... that's true.
      PDK certainly chooses the gear instantly according to the situation and changes smoothly,
      I wish I could be conscious that I could move like that.

      There is still a part that is quite scared by the atmosphere just because it is a Porsche MT car,
      From now on, I would like to ride a lot of Porsche MT cars and get used to them.

  5. Tap

    I was expecting that you could say Mina by participating in PTE, but of course you are in Kansai.

    I will participate in Fuji Precision in October

    European manufacturer training programs are often curriculum tailored to the car's characteristics. (I think it is almost fixed at 2nd speed from the menu)

    If you look at PTE's website, it seems that there is a difference between the racing course Fuji and the airport ruins in the Kansai area.

    (Although it depends on the lead pace) The experience of this wide course of Fuji is yawning ... It's rather boring, so the Kansai program looks better.

    I'm really looking forward to participating in PTE!

    • MinaMina


      > I will participate in Fuji Precision in October
      Thank you very much!
      Actually, my husband took the Fuji Master in October, so I was thinking about keeping up with my family.
      But the schedule is different from the Precision ... sorry><Also, I would be grateful if you could tell me what Precision was like. >It seems that there is a full throttle challenge and the latest model test drive in Kansai instead of Fuji's main course experience driving.
      Certainly, if you are accustomed to driving on the Fuji course, you will want to skip more.
      I have never been driving a car at the airport (naturally w), so I'm excited.

      I will upload it to my blog again!