How do you feel when you drive a light car after riding a Porsche?

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Minicar after Porsche

The other day, after getting on the Porsche, the husband had an opportunity to ride a minicar. "There is no chance to drive a light car immediately after riding a PorscheI asked my husband what I felt at that time.

My husband drove the 2014 Daihatsu Move,

The first impression of getting into the room is “wide! ! ]I did it. I've been on a minicar for a long time,If you have this much room, you can sell it.I thought. There is plenty of room for the rear seats, not to mention room for room height.

And that.

However, after sitting in the driver's seat, it was difficult to determine the seat position.

When you put your feet together, the handle becomes farther, and when you put it on the handle, your feet become cramped. I don't sleep on the seats,It's not a stepless adjustment of a manual dial like a European carI couldn't find the right backrest angle. After trial and error, I felt a little defeated and held the handle, but my elbows opened rather than 90 degrees.

When. So that's it…. Even if the same minicar, if it is a sports car specification such as Honda S660, isn't that the case? Husband

This is a place where I would like you to design a safe driving position and take an appropriate driving position. When a car or a person suddenly pops out or tries to avoid something, it might be difficult to avoid danger.

He said.

About the driving comfort of light vehicles

When I heard the impression of actually running,

The start of the initial speed was light and it was easy to drive because it took me to town speed immediately.On the road where stop and go with many traffic lights continued, it ran almost without stressWow.

When. After that, he seems to have exited the city and went to the main road to enter the high speed, but he was scared of the feeling of running when he accelerated to get on the flow.

Even though the engine was turning, the speed did not come at all.Transmission is CVTIt looks like I did it, but it didn't come a little. Even if I stepped on it, only the engine sound was brave and it was not proportional to the vehicle speed, so I opened the accelerator more and felt that fuel consumption would be worse.

When. Next, I came to the IC to drive on the highway ...

I was frightened when I ran the interchange curve to get into the highway. The tire has a poor touch on the ground, it is difficult to tell which direction the tire is facing, andSuper understeerHooray. But after getting used to running for a while, I was able to run without any discomfort.

When. After that, he entered the highway and cruised the driving lane.

It was comfortable as expected and the room was not so noisy.After that, I tried to “change to the overtaking lane”, but because I was in danger of accelerating slowly and not being able to adjust to the surrounding speed, I eventually ran in the driving lane.
When I tried S mode, the response was surely better, but I was a little nervous. Perhaps it is fixed at a low gear ratio, but because of the lightness of the accelerator, it was difficult to make subtle adjustments.
I also felt thatDifficult to run at a constant speedThat's it. A car like a Porsche is easy to maintain a certain accelerator opening because the accelerator is moderately heavy with an organ pedal.The move is a hanging accelerator pedalAnd the accelerator is light. Moreover, since the seat position is high, it feels like putting the foot on the accelerator pedal, so if you take care, you will step on the foot with your own weight. So, before I got used to it, it was difficult to maintain at a constant speed, so I was careful.

When. I see.


Many mini vehicles have good fuel efficiency(The current Daihatsu Move will exceed 25km / l)Because it is easy to drive with a small turn, it would be useful to be a city rider main.

Even in the same mini car, what kind of ride and comfort are around the Honda S660 and Daihatsu Copen? From my husband, "I think S660 or Mina"I was told before, but nowadays I think that I would like to test drive once.

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  1. Ken

    The light car that I enjoyed personally was the Subaru Sambar.
    It was fun to handle the light car body as you like with handling that reacts well.
    The engine is an RR horizontal 4-cylinder and the suspension is the only independent suspension of light tigers.
    However, the seat position cannot be chosen (laughs)

    • MinaMina

      Thank you!

      > The light car that I enjoyed personally was the Subaru Sambar.

      That's right! I often hear that light tigers are interesting,
      Does it feel like you can enjoy running purely?

      There are not many people with light tigers around,
      If I met you, I wanted to drive a little ... (laughs)