[Porsche Owners File # 19] 718 Cayman Purchase / Option / Run Review

Porsche owners file

Hello everyone. "Porsche came to our house" is a manager Mina. A project born from the request of everyone's readers "I want you to share the voices of various Porsche owners!"Porsche owners file" The 19th installment was given by Mr. Naiya,718 Cayman"Purchase, option, driving review.

〘Owner information〙
* This time, my favorite car: Porsche 718 Cayman right handle (base grade)
・ Penname: Naiya
・ Home area: Hokuriku region / studio apartment
・ Family structure: Singles in their 30s
· Past travelers' favorite history:
Suzuki's first Swift(I was not interested in cars at all)→ Suzuki 2nd Wagon R(Also abbreviated to car)→ Honda second-generation Integra type R [DC5 type](Waking up to the greatness of sports cars)
· A word to readers:
Since 718 Cayman is a compact body,Although it is a sports car, there is no problem in daily handlingHowever, if you remove the tonneau cover, it will become a rear luggage space.(For midship)I can load my luggageTherefore, it is practical enough that even people who can only have one have no problem.
If you are a Porsche that you can reach if you do your best, there is an SUV Macan (straight 4) in the same price range.The essence of Porsche is a sports car with a low vehicle heightI bought Cayman.
Also, because "the latest Porsche is the best Porsche", I decided to buy it with a new car rather than a good used car.(Two recalls have just happened since 718)Critic Soichi Shimizu said that “poor people should buy Ferrari”, but for me,Buy 718 Cayman with a new carI want to say w

1) History of purchase

The reason for choosing Porsche is "Cool manual car (MT) that can be bought with a new carI was looking for "Porsche 718 Cayman".

First,A cool MT car you can buy with a new car"Honda Fit 5MT cross style(Personal MT car that can be bought with 718 personally)It became two choices.

718 was chosen because of the appeal of the two-door coupe, but since it was over budget for the S grade and above, we decided to use the 718 basic model.

Although I yearn for the exhilaration of Boxster's open air, only parking in the blue sky is impossible, so if I hurt the hood, there is no original or child.The coolest design in PorscheI decided to be a Cayman with a closed body.

2) Option / specification

Specifications are base grade 718 Cayman right handle. Options are“No model name logo” “6-stage MT” “Electric retractable mirror” “Park assist with reversing camera”(Front and rear obstacle sensor)"Floor Mat" "Passenger Luggage Net"was.

・ "No model name logo" is because I thought it would be easier if there was no unevenness when wiping the body.
・ The 6-speed MT was awakened by the sporty manual shift change fun of the previous Honda type R. I felt that the PDK of the test ride was too easy and was not interesting w
・ “Electric retractable mirror” was taken into consideration when it was necessary to park in a narrow space and to go through.
・ "Park assist with reversing camera" is the same reason. Because the parking lot of the apartment is also narrow.
・ Is there a person who doesn't wear a floor mat?
・ "Passenger seat luggage net" was added because the salesman already told me after checking in Car Config saying "I added it because it was ¥ 0" w

3) Background to delivery

・ December 16, 2018: Ordered at a local dealer

-Mid-April 2019: A salesman suddenly gets a call saying "The car has already been completed and is currently being carried by ship (sweat)"(Why it was unknown why there was no contact from the home country of the month of production decision / vehicle completion)

June 2, 2019: Delivery

4) Porsche's performance to feel when you own it

Although it is an `` introductory model '' of Porsche cars that can be bought with new cars, because the chassis, engine and legs are all standard `` normal '',The perfect balance of the vehicle's overall rigidity and lightness, high driving performance and natural feeling without any electronic control interventionis.

1 engine / engine sound

The performance of the basic 2-liter engine isMT without spokes"And even in sport mode, start acceleration is daring and stalls as soon as you are careful. W Once you start, it's a great engine with no power, torque, or response.

If you can't allow start-up acceleration, you should choose a 2.5-liter engine of S grade or better.

The engine sound is not good personally ...I like treble like VTEC in the NA eraIt is. However,Subaru friends love this engine sound of 718I think that likes and dislikes are divided violently.

Next page → Cayman MT evaluation, ride comfort, handling, brakes, maintenance, etc.? ...

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  1. PorscheDreamer

    The person who wrote Owners File # 8. I read very deeply in the sea with relatively close specifications. I would like to comment if I can help the reader.

    Is the main difference from my 718 Cayman only tires / wheels (my summer tires are 19-inch Advan and Naiya's 18-inch Pirelli)?
    The transmission, ride comfort / feel, handling / brake seem to be almost the same. The fuel consumption is that I am normal and Naiya is mainly in sport mode.

    > The performance of the basic 2 liter engine is `` MT without spokes '', even in sports mode, start acceleration is dull,
    > Stalls as soon as you are careful w As long as you start, it is a great engine with no power, torque, or response.

    Only the “start” part of the impression is slightly different. The 718 Cayman MT has a higher gear ratio. The PDK may be 7-speed and MT may be 6-speed. For example, the 1-speed MT has a higher gear ratio. Naturally, it is never fast for an idling start. However, I did not think that starting acceleration was dull. The delicious meat point is about 2500-3000rpm for quick start, and if you keep the clutch meat / throttle operation and connect it to the full throttle without dropping the rotation, you will get a surprising acceleration and start well. I felt that I was also satisfied. At this level, the clutch does not jump. Of course, Cayman S and 911 are not suitable, but even with bare Cayman, if the road surface condition is a little bad, the wheel may spin around 4000rpm, so I think the tire performance is used up.

    Regarding the options, the difference between the GT steering and the normal steering is that there is an outer diameter, but I think that the side of the spoke part is the normal chrome finish and the GT is matte black.

    • MinaMina


      Thank you very much!
      And thank you for commenting valuable information here!

      Later, in a comment sharing article,
      I will share it again!

      Thank you for your cooperation.