Why did my family decide to buy the Cayenne E-Hybrid? What is the deciding factor?

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Cayenne E-Hybrid

The other day,Cayenne E-Hybrid deliveredI wrote an article, but my husband said, "Why did you choose the hybrid model in Cayenne in the first place?He wrote an article about that point. I would like to be able to introduce my impressions of driving, riding comfort, fuel efficiency, etc. after running a little longer.

At first I was looking for a plain Cayenne

This time, I decided to purchase the Cayenne E-Hybrid with a fairly speedy development, soHow did that happen and why is Cayenne? And why is it a hybrid?I would like to talk about such things.

The previousCayenne deliveryAs I mentioned a little in the article, I have no plans to purchase a hybrid model this time.If you buy Cayenne, try to make it a plain (base model) CayenneI was thinking.

The reason is that I bought a Panamera turbo and rode it for 3 years,I understood the overwhelming power of "Turbo" well, so I decided to buy it next time as a plain or S model.The body. And when I compared the Cayenne's S and the element,It ’s more suitable for my home,This is because I thought that the powerful engine sound and feeling of S could be covered by other cars.

However,Considering the specifications that are worrisome from the stock cars of the original Cayenne, there are many spring suspension specifications, even PASM is not attachedThere were also many individuals. I'm a type that emphasizes driving above all else, so I don't really care about the exterior and interior, but I'm quite particular about whether or not there are options around here.

for that reason,"I want you to test drive the Cayenne of BanesasWhen I asked the dealer, there is no original Cayenne, but if it is a hybrid Cayenne, there is an individual Cayenne, so I decided to test drive it.

Test drive the hybrid Cayenne

To be honestI didn't dare to choose a hybrid model that weighs nearly 300 kg.However, there was a concern that it might feel dull compared to other grades.

On the day of the test ride, I wanted to observe the ride comfort well this time, so I rarely got into the back seat and asked Mr. H, who is in charge of driving, to say, "Please pass through ruts and rough roads as much as possibleI asked him to experience it.

When I started running, "Smooth!I said unintentionally. Even in the back seats, it can be seen that it is different from the smoothness of the rolling eyes of the tires. With a rolling feeling, it is moist and the quietness of the electric motor is combined.Full of "luxury car" feeling that is not like PorscheIt is.(I do not consider Porsche as a "luxury car". I think it is a "high performance car")

Even if you get over the swells and bumps on the road surface in a city with many stop-and-go, the backseat does not shake much. Of course, it is a tall SUV, so it is not as flat as Panamera, but I thought that the rear seats did not shake much.

this isIsn't the rear seat swaying less than the Cayenne S coupe of the air suspension I rode before?I felt it.

Imagine why you feel that way, and I think the hybrid model has a 138kg battery in the rear, which has some effect. As a general rule, SUVs are made on the assumption that heavy objects will be placed on the rear, so the rear is often made a little harder. Therefore, when riding with a small number of people, the rear is often bounced or shaken.

But,This Cayenne got the impression that the weight of the battery is working well, and the ride quality of the rear seat felt very calm.It is.

I let him sit in the driver's seat on the way and hold the steering wheel himself. When you step on the accelerator slowly, the tires start to rotate slowly with the feeling of stepping on it.The same transcendentally smooth rolling feeling that I felt in the back seatIt is.

After running a few tens of meters, the difference becomes even more apparent.The quietness of the motor is very high, and the torque output is excellent.Running only with the E-Power mode motor makes it easy to ride in the flow of the city, and you don't feel any tingling.

If you join at high speed, you can accelerate enough with just the motor. Of course, if you step on the accelerator and step on the pressure point in the middle of the accelerator pedal, the V6 engine will wake up even in E-Power mode, and the power to reach 0-100km / h in 5 seconds flat is You can get it anytime.

While drivingWhat is this ...I was impressed. Speaking of hybrids, I imagined a mysterious accelerator feeling that is not directly proportional to the speed of a domestic hybrid car, but it is completely different.

And I think the thick torque from the low revs of the latest European diesel engine is also wonderful, but it is still hazy in front of the electric motor.Anyway, it has a high-quality feeling and there is no sense of discomfort in driving.It is.

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  1. SevenWinds

    I always see it happily.
    I will comment for the first time, but I also referred to this blog and have been riding the Panamera 4E Hybrid since this summer. (Already out of shape, but lol)
    I have not tried Cayenne, but the smoothness described in the text has the same impression on Panamera's PDK. However, the number of gears changes, but is it really shifting? ?? is.

    Also, the difference in behavior of each mode of the hybrid and how to use it are interesting. For example
    1) Hybrid auto: If there is a chance, stop the engine and give priority to EV strike, and mainly use the motor until the battery runs out. The tachometer often goes to zero even at high speeds.
    2) E-Charge: Regenerative braking is applied strongly, so you can enjoy unique pedal work, although it is not Porsche-like.
    3) E-Hold: Battery consumption during EV is quite high, so I use it a lot to save the battery capacity for driving in the city. This mode gives the impression that switching between the engine and motor (not used together) is performed in the most balanced manner.

    Although it is a home charging facility, it seems that the manufacturer does not have the mobile charger in stock, so the installation is delayed. In anticipation of the upcoming introduction of EVs such as Taycan, we plan to wire 200V 8KW.

    • MinaMina

      Seven Winds
      Thank you for always seeing the blog!
      And thank you for your valuable information.

      Each mode of the hybrid is also amazing ...!
      Electricity costs and fuel consumption are likely to change considerably depending on the owner's command.

      I would like to try various ways to use this mode so that I can get a feel for it.

      > We are planning to wire 200V 8KW in anticipation of the upcoming introduction of EVs such as Taycan.
      Oh, that's right! !! !! !! !! When the mobile charger arrives and is installed,
      I would be grateful if you could tell me what it feels like.

      Thank you for your continued support.