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On the blog I wrote a story "I went to the Porsche Museum"About three years ago I couple with a couple, I went to the Porsche Museum in Germany.And, as a result of looking back at the past photos of smaho, a lot of pictures when I went to the Porsche Museum came out, so I will introduce a bit of the picture today.

The Porsche Museum is located in the city of Stuttgart in the southwestern part of Germany. The headquarters of Porsche is also there.(The picture is the building of Porsche head office)

Mondays are closed, open Tuesday to Sunday from 9: 00-18: 00. As a main way to go, from Frankfurt airport, take a train called ICE, go to Stuttgart Central Station, and it seems like a way to ride on a conventional line from there. The journey time is about 2 hours.

From Frankfurt to Stuttgart, it takes about two hours as a train to run an autobahn with a car.

As it was only made in 2009, the inside was refined with white tone and it was very beautiful. Actually test drive was also possible outside, the tourists were waiting for turn.

Porsche Photos

That's why, if you are a fans of Porsche's fans, you should know at a glance that this is "●●!", But I do not know very well, so I tried to put some pictures.

Ah ... after all I would like to go to Germany one more time ~.

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  1. sutearing-bouya

    Nice to meet you, this is Sora Rinboro.
    I also love cars.
    Although I am free from Porsche, GT 2 and 3 are cool and I want to ride.
    Come and fulfill your dream to buy Panamera!
    I am now riding the Honda type R.
    I wanted it for 8 years and I could finally buy it after I endured it.
    On the way I gave up, but I managed to have a dream somehow.
    If I do not give up, I am sure that I can buy Panamera.

  2. panamera-life

    Thank you very much Mr. Soba Robaya!
    I think that it is really amazing to have dreams and keep them on hand! It is a gift of feelings and actions that do not give up ...!
    I also do my best! Thank you ^ _ ^!