It is also good to put away with SNS to live life abundantly

Living with Porsche

Daily not posting on SNS days

Recently I have not posted facebook at all. I used to update almost every day before, but recently I have not done so because I do not have content to post. As it is, there are various things everyday, I feel various things, I will make a new challenge next year, and I do not mean there is nothing I want to announce ... "I do not have to post it separatelyAs I thought, the days passed.

Ten days if you notice it like that.

What will happen if I post this for one month?

I wonder if the message "Do you have a recent post, but you are alive?" No, apart from that, no one cares about it, so it probably will not come. I am in contact with individuals who need to communicate separately, and I guess the day will definitely pass without anything.

What do you want to do?

This feeling, as I felt before, "Trying to reduce the number of points of contact with the outside,What I want to do and what I want to cherishTo become visibleI feel it.

A long time ago, I had a chance to join the exchange meeting. The dinner was like every evening. By doing so, I could sometimes lead to work. Also, in my position and circumstances at that time, I had to think that it was obsessive that I had to connect more and make more connections.

However, there are certain circumstances, and from one occasion they no longer participate in such things. Even if invited, "I can not go this time ..."It came to refuse everything.

Then no one was invited from anyone (- _ -)

Just to notice it, I noticed something. At first it became a feeling of loniness, but as information was not entered unnecessarily on one hand, I could concentrate on what I should do and my hesitation ceased to exist."How are the surroundings doing?"than,"What do you want to do?"I began to listen to the voice of my own heart.

After that, I feel that various things have started to change little by little.

Leave SNS

Even if I do not post the story and post it to facebook separately, nothing happens and there is nothing to worry especially, so I'm thinking as if I will keep distance from SNS as it is. Also on the Instagram I also post pictures of my daughter's kindergarten box lunch each day but recently I forgot often and the post will be night soApart from that, there is no point in posting"I thought.

By doing so, when you live without being bound by SNS, you will be sharpened a lot and feel like I can take care of important things properly.

While thinking about such a thing, today I finished my work and headed for parking, when I saw Panamera waiting in the darkness somehow I became happy, rich feelings.

Then, after a brief pause, when I heard the engine sound "Buon!", I got a feeling of happiness even more.

This momentary moment is called "I am happy.It will surely lead to a rich life.

more and more. not yet. Not at all. I have not achieved it yet.

The feeling of becoming the driving force that I do my best. On the other hand, it is also important to feel happy firmly in the existing environment. Somehow today, I became a blog that I do not know well.

Well, from tomorrow evening, I took a ferry and went to Kyushu for a hot spring trip with my family!

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  1. sutearing-bouya

    Good evening Mina, sir.
    There are things that you think a lot about SNS.
    There is something I think is the same opinion.
    When I started blogging, I updated it everyday, but it stopped updating from time to time.
    I am planning to write it now when I can write.
    About the car, I get excited the moment I sit in the driver 's seat.
    I have my car help me every day.
    It is departure tomorrow night.
    Please take care and have fun ^ ^

  2. panamera-life

    Mr. Soba Robo
    Thank you!
    I think that SNS has to make good use of it.
    I am now thinking of writing blogs and me when I want to write ^ ^
    > I get excited about the car the moment I sit in the driver 's seat.
    > I have my car help me every day.
    Car is really good. Recently I think so.
    Since I'm going from today's night, I also want to write a repo blog ^ ^

  3. Blur

    Good evening Mina
    You come to Kyushu, are not you?
    I am living in Kyushu and going to a hot spring on a weekend often as a drive
    If it is a ferry from Kansai, is it Oita?
    Please have fun and go.

  4. panamera-life

    Mr. Blog
    I am living in Kyushu!
    Kyushu may have a lot of hot springs ^ ^
    About Shinji Moji, today is Amakusa.
    I will enjoy touring tomorrow!