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Popular car program "TopGear (top gear)"

Automobile program "Top Gear" being broadcasted in British BBC since 1977.

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In Japan, BS Fuji regularly aired on rebroadcasting. Newborn top gear has started since 2016, but the presenter's 3-person group until 2015(Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, James May)It was fairly interesting. Actually Jeremy Clarkson joined from 1988, it seems that the program got fun and got popular.

Highlight of the program?

I think that the reason for the popularity of the program is probably the first time for this uncle 3 person gossip. I guess the old mans of a good year are looking like they like like boys, they can laugh and I think that BBC that has been allowed this kind of thing is amazing. As an attraction ...

1) The project is too irksome

"I buy a truck at 5000 pounds, three people customize them individually and challenge various impossible difficulties such as drift driving and starting up a slope"

(I'm burning track) w

"Vietnam's long distance race, aiming for a finish while sometimes raft"And,

(What will it do if this goes down)

"In order to solve the problem of few UK railway users, I will try to make trains using Jaguar XJS and Audi S8"And,

(The train made by car finally wrecked)

This is only the plan that seems to be out first in Japan. I guess the program's budget is also amazing.

2) Criticism of cars (relationships) not dressed on teeth

To the extent that it completely exceeds the level of "I can not dress on my teeth", the car I do not like tells out to the Borocas. At the time of the Prius, after being told by Boroxso, it was sniperized by a machine gun and was made like a beehive ((((; ゚ Д ゚))))

Also, such quotation as well.

Like classic cars like pet dogs, they betray expectations and die.


People experience marriage and child rearing, they ride on a minivan and die

And (laugh) I certainly do ... It seems that I'm talking about a mess and I am getting a lot of sense, so it seems to be true.

3) Guests of "Celebrity Race" are luxurious

There is an annual plan where celebrities drive a car and compete for the time on the lap of the test truck, but famous athletes, singers, actors, comedians, politicians, etc. come to the guests every time. There used to be times when Cameron Diaz and Tom Cruise were out by two people.(And that Tom Cruise's run was also good)

Image Source:TopGear

What is the rating for Jeremy Clarkson 's "Porsche"?

So, how was Porsche evaluated in the program? Since Jeremy Clarkson, the host, dislikes Porsche (like Mercedes · Benz), it is boro-suku every time, but on the other hand"Oh, it is likely to be so if you say soAnd I am convinced (laugh)

About Porsche Design

Often I do not think that there are designers etc. in Porsche. I wonder if it is a human being who has never learned arts etc.

About the design of Cayenne

It will not leak to the Porsche now, design is not so good. It is just as ugly as a dead badger dead two weeks ago. (2010)

About Panamera

The design of Panamera looks like 911 water corpses. My body is inflating. After all, this car is as ugly as a monkey peeled off the skin. I tried riding this car until Romania, but I felt it was a very excellent car. But this is a story that praises the heart to the ubiquitous person. (2009)

Other Quotations

Other than that, James May"Why recent cars are boring"About saying like this.(Is this an interview?)

He does not like cars he plans,
He who does not like cars designs,
He does not like cars and he develops,
He who does not like cars tests,
I do not like cars Manufactured by him,
He does not like cars and he inspects it,
It is because people who do not like cars sell.

My husband said "I am right!" (Laugh)

I think that the car program in Japan is serious ... I am not planning a variety of things, and I often express wrapped in oblate considering related parties.

So"I got tired of such a Japanese car program"People who say it is interesting to see the top gear. However, it seems that Jeremy Clarkson and the program side also fought in 2015, these three people now descend the top gear,"Grand Tour" limited to AmazonI am in charge of. The current new-generation top gear seems not to be very high in evaluation, but I am planning a more proper plan than before(Was the front too bad?), Review is also serious, I think I'm fine.

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    Hello Mina!
    I thought after reading this article,
    I felt that I read books related to various cars centered on Panamera sent by Mina as if I were enjoying TopGear. In a good way (lol
    I like the connection between cars and children, people,
    While paying homage to your husband and work, sometimes occasionally with your own values,
    But "Was there such a view!" "I agree, if it is so to the point, it is right, as I see it, the points will go to various things"
    I'm reading and laughing with giggle ...
    Here, it looks somewhere. In a good way!

    While insisting, the balance that makes someone disgusting is nice.
    I think that the hand may stop, but please keep it.
    I am always looking forward to it!

    My husband, whose car hobby is similar to mine, envies his wife like Mina.
    My wife does not have a license in my house, but I like cars and I am blessed because I like cars.

    • MinaMina

      Well thank you for telling me that way! I am too happy to be too happy ...
      I got this comment to my husband! When I reported it, "Hello, blogging with TopGear and blogging with a machine gun like Prius or even sniper" (laugh) I said.
      Although it sometimes wrote articles while "being overkill when saying such a thing", it was fun to read it, I knew that it was not unpleasant content for everyone in the world, I was relieved .
      Although I am still an amateur with regard to cars, I will continue to update my blog every day while listening to my husband's views, so please continue your favors towards me!

      Postscript) Wife, I love cars even if I do not have a license! I hope the couple can also share the goodness of the car, and the fun and pleasure will double as well!