I have never seen such a Porsche Panamera! -I collected images of Panamera with unusual body colors

Porsche Panamera

Difference in body color between Japan and overseas

The other day, "When choosing a car, it's the body color that makes you wonderI wrote an article ","After all there are many white, black and silver cars in JapanI received a comment with the content of "".

surely,911, Cayman, BoxsterWith regard to such models, you can also see the flashy colors that are typical of sports cars, but with regard to the Panamera, we have almost never seen anything other than white, black and silver.

so,Investigate unusual body color Panamera at used car sites overseas and in InstagramIt was to be.

Then, beyond the level of being unusual, a lot of ridiculous body color came out,Only the Panamera of the color that I have never seen in Japan,I would like to introduce it here.(Crayon and Sapphire Blue are also beautiful, but I have not seen it in Japan this time.)

Green system

First of all, it is not unusual to say that it is unusual. This 970 Panamera 4S body color is "British Racing Green"Yes.

*Porsche Panamera 4S PDK Racing Green

I like this retro atmosphere. I've seen this 911 color, but I saw it for the first time at the Panamera. By the way,British Racing Green 971 PanameraIs like this.

* Image Source:@ Leasingautomobile.ro

This is not a Porsche-like emblem, but it is definitely a Panamera ... I just look so by the addition of light. Next is the 971 Panamera Turbo, with body colorMatte green of frostedIt is.(What color is it)

* Image Source:@ panamera_fanbase

This color has never been seen with other models. Because the wheel is dark rather than silver, it looks like the atmosphere is more suitable. The next is this.

* Image Source:porcshe_panamera

Panamera Turbo S camouflage patternTona (* _ *)! ! The owner is incredibly rich so I can be so playful with the body color of the Panamera .... But if you go to the jungle with this, it will seem to stand out rather than becoming camouflage w

Orange / Yellow

Here is the 970 Panamera GTS,Body color is orange metallicThat's right. I have not seen this color of Panamera in Japan.

*Porsche Panamera GTS PDK Letzter Preis Negotiable

It looks beautiful even in a parking lot on a rainy day.

* Image Source:@ Topcars.by

Wherever you parked it will definitely be found. The next is this. Is it a car customized by an overseas company?

* Image Source:MANSORY

Only the hood is black, and there is also a slightly Weissach-like atmosphere. But when I do it with a Panamera, it is quite embarrassing. Next is yellow.

* Image Source:@ iran_specific_cars

I have never seen Yellow Panamera in Japan. It is not likely to be .... It will be quite noticeable when running in Japan.When you look at it, the caliper is yellowishSo I dare put on PCCB to align in yellow?

By the way, Yellow also had a custom car with this design.

* Image Source:MANSORY

Pink / brown

The next is this. 970 Panamera, but what color should this be expressed ...

It is brown or beige ... but it will probably look like a variety of colors with light. It may be a beautiful color that goes well with the massive Panamera.The brake caliper is also in redI think so. The next is this.

* Image Source:Lauren Johnson

Pi, pink (* _ *)! ! !

Body color pink ... I need a lot of courage ...No matter how much money I have left, I can not do it very muchIt is a trick. The next is this.

* Image Source:Pink Chrome Porsche Panamera by Impressive Wrap

De flashy pink ... this is also great ...If such a thing is chased from behind by a highway, it will surely get in the way immediatelyIt is. The next is this.

* Image Source:porcshe_panamera

What color is this? Pink gold? It looks like a fashionable laptop.The brake caliper is yellow, so it looks like a hybridIt is. By the way, when it sees outdoors, it looks more pink.

* Image Source:@Sport_carcar

Maybe it is an individual with a different body color. Next is this.

* Image Source: porcshe_panamera

What color ... (lol)?

Scarab color? Do the lights look reddish only before? It doesn't matter, but I don't like to climb the slopes in this picture with a Panamera because the path seems narrow.

Silver / black / white

In Japan, the standard body colors, silver, black and white, but in foreign countries, there are many designs with edge effects. This is,A silver body with black accents.Design reminiscent of the 911R.

I think it fits in a fashionable city very much.

* Image Source:Porsche Panamera GTS PDK Approved- Garantie

The next is this. The black line is one version. Wow-no idea like this-(-_-)

* Image Source:@ Panamera_porche

The next is this.

* Image Source:https://www.instagram.com/p/Bt8BwtIhpZ7/

While being a Panamera,Ultra custom car with white x black monochrome codeI feel that. And the wheel is hot and big. Similarly, there is also a silver × black version.

* Image Source:@ Elitewrap

I feel that the whole body is matte and beautiful. The next is this.

* Image Source:porcshe_panamera

No longer what this (* _ *)

... melted iron?(I remembered the solder I did in my junior high school science experiment)It is a body color that is likely to melt away iron and the car itself will soon disappear. It's like a terminator. And next time is unusual design.

* Image Source:Porsche Panamera Turbo * BURMESTER * REAR SEAT ENTERTAINMENT

Black and silver camouflage. It looks a little like a cow and is cute. Next is a very easy-to-understand design.

* Image Source:@ Mr.sparrow_official

Martini Racing w! I would like to see it-it seems like driving with a matching parka. Next is this body color that punches well.

* Image Source:@ Panamera_porche

What this, a lion? Dragon? Pirate? ... wow ... If your neighbor stops like this Panamera, I'm a little brave and can not feel free to approach.

Blue / Purple

The Panameera of my house is a night blue metallic, but it is not such a quiet thing overseas, and it seems that there are many flashy blues.

* Image Source:@ Baddeststreetcars

The Miami Blue Panamera is the first time. It has been quite remodeled, but is it a custom car exhibition or something? The next is this.

* Image Source:MANSORY

This is also a blue Panamera like the Weisach package version. The wheel and the interior are yellow at the point. as if,It will come out in the wild speedIt is. Next is purple Panamera.

* Image Source:@ _ Feisty 1

Is this not CG but CG?


By the way, I have seen various colors of Panamera, but this is the best.

* Image Source:Gold Chrome Porsche Panamera

gold(*_*)! !

It is dazzling ... It looks like I'll be blinded if I look forward to it in summer. It is an atmosphere that a prince in Dubai or Arab gets on.

* Image Source:Porsche Panamera Gold Chrome

But surprisingly it may be cool.

* Image source: @panamera_fanbase

* Image Source:@ nikola.mihalev_zerga

This time, I tried variously examining the unusual body color Panamera,Many foreign countries are full of playfulness, just looking at it is funI felt so. It may be quite difficult considering selling it in the second-hand, but there is only one car feeling in the world and the owner will be satisfied.

When I buy a car by myself, I would like to try aggressively.

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  1. To be sunny

    Good evening.
    All custom colors are wrapping, isn't it? It will be peeled off when selling.
    Matt Black, Gold, Pink, etc. Now that it is an age where you can change the color with anything, it is useful.

    • MinaMina

      By car

      That's right! That's what wrapping is like!
      If you can tear it off when selling it, you can certainly make it a dark color, and you can enjoy the color.

      Now is a really useful time ...

  2. Uri

    Panamera body color!
    It's a very fun topic! !

    The exterior color of the Panamera Turbo has not been determined
    I can not decide the order!
    Interior is black / crayon or beige
    The exterior is troubled with crayon or white metallic!
    It is color that dirt stands out in all

    Anyway, the exterior crayons are quite courageous personally in the Panamela 911.718 ... (I have never seen it in Tokyo ...

    The color is also so, but I think that Turbo S is also good recently. How is the Turbo S?
    At the time of the Panamera turbo order of mina's house, I think that it was not a candidate because the Turbo S was not yet lineup. If you choose, your husband was ordered Turbo S?

    Because there was an article like "It is not good compared with turbo for value difference".
    As I became more fond of Panamera on this blog, I would like to refer to the opinions of Mr. mina and her husband about the things of Panamera! Hopefully one day you can share your thoughts on the Panamera Turbo S!

    • MinaMina


      Thank you very much! I am very happy to hear you like that.

      Panamera is the color of the interior and exterior,
      I feel bother because the atmosphere really changes.

      No, but the exterior crayons at Panamera,
      I have only seen it once, but it was really cool!


      I asked my husband about the Turbo S.
      "I didn't feel like going to the Turbo S.
      It may not have been a hybrid, but I bought a turbo S with a further tuning of the V8 of the turbo.
      I didn't want to be heavy, not hate hybrids. I would not be dissatisfied at all with hybrids, but I would like to taste the handling of the heavy Porsche without extra heavy weight.

      It is a husband's view to the end,
      I'm glad to be helpful ^ _ ^

  3. Uri

    Oh! ! Thank you for the Turbo S! !

    After all it is weight! If it increases more than 300 kg in order to raise power, it will fall at the end of the day.

    I would like to focus on the Panamera Turbo for consideration! It was very helpful! Please do your best for Mr. mina and Targa as well as GTS! We look forward to blogs from now on!

    • MinaMina

      Thank you very much!
      > Please do your best also with Targa and GTS! We look forward to blogs from now on!
      Thank you! ! I will do my best to buy and maintain it by myself!