What is the result of calculating the actual annual maintenance cost of the new Panamera Turbo?

New type Panamera Turbo
Porsche Panamera

To separate the mileage exceeding 10,000 km

The mileage of the new Panamera turbo has exceeded 10,000 km.(Now about 10, 100 km)Since the car delivery is October 12, 2017, it is 10,000 km in about 8 months. I wonder if it will enter the class that runs so much. But from a person on a Porsche ride it seems like "10% of break-in driving has not ended" w

So, as we have concrete knowledge of the total fuel consumption at the time when it exceeds 10,000 km, such as the oil change during that time, I calculated the annual maintenance cost of the new Panamera Turbo.

In the previous Panamera edition, I also wrote such an article ...

Panamera's maintenance fee is 622,900 yen to 1,042,900 yen annually.

This time, not including the parking lot and insurance fee(The price of the parking lot varies from region to region, it varies depending on whether you own a house or an apartment, and the insurance fee also varies according to age etc.), I decided to calculate the annual maintenance fee of Panamerbo.

① gasoline fee

First of all, gasoline cost,The total fuel consumption that ran 10,000 km is 7.0 km / l.As Panamera's gasoline tank enters 90 liters, it is said that refueling was carried out in the state of gasoline,I have been refueling with high octupon 14-15 times so far.

Regarding gasoline fee, the price has changed quite a bit, so I thought what would be the standard, I found this site.

→ High-octave price for the last year
There are various sites.

according to it(Calculated by high-octane billboard price),

October 2017 140.4 yen
November 2017 144.6 yen
December 2017 147.1 yen
January 2018 149.2 yen
February 2018 149.6 yen
March 2018, 147.5 yen
April 2018 149 yen
May 2018 May 154.1 yen
June 2018, 157.5 yen

It seems so,The average price of gasoline prices since car delivery until now is 148.7 yen.

148.7 × 90 l(Gasoline tank capacity of Panamera)× 15 times?

... 200,745 yen (; ゚ Д ゚)! !

It is 22305 yen monthly. I will do enough.

But my husband

I think that it is inexpensive because it does not change fuel economy with the previous Panamera edition. Also, even if cruising with a speed a little more than 100 km / h cruising on the highway, 10 km / l will go, as long as you do not accelerate or decelerate as much as possible, excellent.

He said.

② Oil replacement and oil replenishment

Until nowOil replacement twice at the dealer, once with oil supplementation by themselvesIs going.

The first oil change was made in conjunction with the initial inspection,
→ Reference article:Panamera Turbo's initial oil change amount is "47,558 yen".

The second time was done in early this month.
→ Reference article:After Panamera delivered, the second oil change - the amount is 40,818 yen.

They are 47558 ​​yen and 40818 yen, respectively.

As for oil replenishment, I went by themselves, so if I calculated oil fee, it would be 7100 yen.(At 140 yen to 7100 yen at Amazon.)

→ Reference article:Oil replenishment display with mileage of 6,500 kilometers ... Panamera oil replenishment procedure Summary.

By the way, I went to the Fuji Speedway at the end of the weekend and the oil decreased by a quarter or so, so it may be necessary to replenish a little more.

③ Vehicle tax

Panamera Turbo"Total displacement of more than 3.5 liters and 4 liters or less", so the automobile tax is "66,500 yen per year".
* Source:Automobile tax.info Automobile tax amount

I wonder what is car tax? It seems that it is not necessarily used for road maintenance and car related things, so why do I have to hold such a high tax just why I own it, it is a mystery (-_-)

④ Tire change

Porsche,To the tire approved as genuine fitted tire, issue certification code starting with NIt seems that this is a tire manufactured according to Porsche's request.

Somehow one tire is very deep inside.
Source:What is the designated tire "N designation" of Porsche? What is different from others

Regarding the certification tires of each Porsche model, you can look it up from the Porsche Japan official website.

Porsche Japan official website: Porsche certified tire

Even for summer tires, there are descriptions over 31 pages according to all the car models. About the new Panamera Turbo, it was written on page 30 of this.
(I wonder if you scan the pages of Panamera one page at a time and watch it last one w)

Panamera in our house,

Wheel size · 21 inches
- Front 9, 5 J x 21 Pirelli P - Zero Continental ContiSportContact 5 P
· Rear 11, 5 J x 21 Pirelli P - Zero Continental ContiSportContact 5 P

With that in mind ...

I mean the tire is different on the front wheel rear wheel! What? (゚ д ゚) 彡

I did not know that.

When I look it up at the price .com, mostlyFive wheel tires and around 50,000. If it is a rear wheel tire, around 80,000.Therefore, the tire cost alone will be about 250 thousand.

If you change this with a dealer, it will be disgusting, so her husband is like Boxster in such a shop (Nishinomiya base) It has been changed.

When purchasing a tire, we mail it directly to the shop, not at home, and afterwards it is comfortable to be able to do as soon as you bring the car.About the labor charge, it was written as 10800 yen in the case of 4 21-inch wheels.It is conscientious.

Thinking a lot about it, it is better to see 300,000 by tire change.

According to my husband, because the tire's grooves are decreasing a bit in the current state, it seems that it will not be until 20,000 kilometers, so I wonder if it must be changed within the year or the new year.

⑤ vehicle inspection

In the case of a new car, the inspection will be done for the first time in 3 years, then once in 2 years, and probably will cost around 300,000 if there are no particularly large defects.

Annual maintenance fee?

So why do not you calculate everything?

① gasoline fee: 22305 × 12 months = 267,660 yen
② Oil replacement, replenishment: 47558 ​​yen + 40818 yen + 7100 × 2 = 102,576 yen
③ Vehicle tax: 66,500 yen
④ Tire change: 300,000 yen
⑤ Vehicle inspection: 150,000 yen (divided by 2 years)
Total: 886,736 yen(Parking lot, insurance not included)

It was the amount of money. Whether it is cheap or high, depends on individual judgment, but it does not change whether you do not work hard at all.

That's it, Panamera's annual maintenance cost calculation.

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