I tried processing Boxter and Panamera with Google's full-fledged and versatile photo editing application "Snapseed"!

Porsche 971 New Panamera turbo and 981 Boxster GTS
Recommended application

Fun of Instagram

It's almost 2 months since I started Porsche Instagram. I give it by one or two contribution pace every day.The interestingness of Instagram I feel is that it can easily cross nationalities and language barriers.Words are irrelevant to the sensitivity that the uploaded photos are nice ~.

In fact, comments come from my overseas racer to my instructor, and there are many people who are "likes" from overseas rather than from Japanese people.(I wonder if the hashtag is written in English)

By the way my account is my account@ Mina _ PorscheI feel like the following.

There are still as few as 150 followers, but recently I like the photo! It has increased considerably more than 100.

With this pace, I think that it would be nice if it would slowly grow.

Recommended image processing application "Snapseed"!

When I upload a picture to an instant,A full-fledged, versatile photo editing application developed by Google "Snapseed"It is.

Previously I used a different app, but after having my husband tell me this"Snapseed"I am only using this because it is too terrible. Beyond the frame of image processing application, it looks like a photo shop and it is amazing.

Besides, it is free!

The app evaluation is "3.9", and this post is on review.

【Too wonderful】
Star 5 It is a wonderful application as I want to write a review. (It looks like sakura, but it is not. ?)
It is the easiest to use and many functions among image editing applications you have used so far!
Even those who want to edit gashi (I am here w), it is also recommended for those who want to make fancy pictures to raise for an instant!

【There is no choice but to say perfection】
Simple and functional. A fulfilling tool that feels even whether it is good or not. The best. There is no point of complaint.

I agree. So, this time I will introduce the usage of "Snapseed" and Before-after of image processing.

Pictures of Panamera taken with iPhone

For this time, I will try to process this picture that I shot normally on my iPhone.

When opening the "Snapseed" application, several items such as "Portrait" and "Smooth" appear, and when you select it, the touch of the image changes automatically.

Incidentally"Accentuate"If you choose, it will be like this.

Have you become a little brighter? What? Although it is still beautiful, since I want to process it as I expected, once I return with the "☓ button", I go to the screen which can be customized myself.

Then, a lot of icons come out like this.

The one I mainly use in this is image adjustment on the upper left.

When you press image adjustment,

Various items of image processing come out, but when explained it is like this.

Brightness ... Brighten or darken the brightness (brightness)
■ Contrast ... make the picture clearer by making the bright place of the image brighter, darker the darker place, increasing the difference of light and dark
■ Saturation · · · Vividness of color. The higher the color saturation, the brighter the color becomes
■ Ambience · · · The overall light balance can be adjusted. In case of back light it is convenient
■ Highlight · · · Brighter parts in the image can be made brighter or darker
■ Shadow · · · You can darken or lighten dark parts in the image
■ Color temperature · · · The color of light is expressed in units of "K (Kelvin)", the smaller it becomes red, the larger the larger the "wavelength" of blue light is emitted

By selecting these and sliding your finger to the left and right on the picture, you can easily adjust the value.

After finishing the adjustment of everything,Finally it will not be saved unless you press the "✓" button on the bottom rightSo be careful. Then, it becomes like this.

Furthermore, let's blur it

Even this is fine"I'd like to try to blur the surroundings for a while this time", select "lens blur" from the tool.Then, circle comes out around ● and in the center of the screen.

Adjust to surround the car well,

Adjusting the degree of blur makes it look like this.

After that, save it from export and it is completed. So, this is the first photo,

It becomes like this when processing.

The contrast between the dark blue of Panamera and the surrounding green is more beautiful than it is.

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